Sunday, August 24, 2008

Mama Mia!

Ah, Sunday morning....peace and quiet for a change! Kate's still sleeping, Paul and the little boys are watching Buzz and Woody (I don't even know the name of the movie's just Buzz and Woody), and I'm blogging. I should probably be getting a shower or starting dinner, but I'm not, so there!! Dennis took Wade and Isaac to the Father's and Son's campout on Friday night, so Kate and I went to dinner and a show and then came home and sang Wicked karaoke and did our nails and watched Oklahoma! We stayed up WAY too late, and then slept in WAY too long on Saturday. But it didn't even matter because we did nothing on Saturday!! Heaven. So Saturday night Dennis wanted to go out, and he's so agreeable to take me wherever I want to go (as long as it isn't too expensive, or I pay for it!!) So we went to dinner and a movie. I wanted to see Mama Mia again, and he hadn't seen it yet, so he agreed to go. When we first walked in to the theater, he was the only man in the room. What a great boy!! By the time the movie actually started, there were other guys there, but that just goes to show what a good man he is. He goes to see all the chick flicks with me, and I NEVER go to see the man shows with him! But he is of the ABBA era (sorry I can't make backwards Bs...), so I thought he would at least enjoy the music! I love that stupid movie! I love the songs and I love the crazy dancing, and I love the Dancing Queen scene. It's a silly movie, so if you don't like silly movies, don't go see it. But I love it. Today I am going to sing ABBA karaoke!! That's a good Sunday activity, don't you think?!!


Tami said...

I love ABBA! I love visiting your blog. I updated mine right after you visited today, so go look! I love you!

Rarlos said...

I'm glad you linked up! It's good to read about your life, I miss seeing your smiling face around. Hope you're well!