Thursday, August 21, 2008

Starting School

I hate the beginning of the school year. I love summer and I love swimming and boating and picnics and sleeping in. School starting means fall is coming and everything turns brown and cold. So I try not to cry too much, especially in front of Kate and Wade, they get nervous when I cry. But even worse than summer ending is the havoc that the school district creates for the first week of school... We don't just start school. The 9th graders have Freshman Academy, which means the rest of the high school doesn't go on the first day. Then the second and third day of high school are late start days because....well, nobody knows why. They just are. And there is no published bus schedule, either on paper or online, so we drive because we don't know when the busses come. And we are on the block schedule, so it takes almost the whole first week to get all the class supply lists. We have had to go to the store every single day. (And we're trying to save gas by not driving too much...) And the 4th grade starts on the first day, but the kindergarten only tests on the first day, they don't start until next week. And Isaac is heartbroken that he doesn't have a supply list yet. So we bought him a Speedracer notebook and a box of new, pointy crayons to soothe him. Once we get going, school will be fine. But I hate this first week!!

Kate's a freshman

Paul's a senior


Lee and Melody said...

What a beautiful family you have. I can't believe how grown-up they are! I hope you survived the first wretched week. Now the real fun can start...!

Marianne said...

Yes, the real fun, because I start work tomorrow, so we all have to be out of the house by 8 am!! YIKES!!