Monday, September 1, 2008

A Difficult Thing

Yesterday in Sacrament Meeting, a member of the Stake Presidency spoke on financial matters. My FAVORITE topic. I've been depressed ever since. He encouraged us to put ourselves on a family budget (we do that), to set up a "get out of debt" program (we have one--have had for years), to pay off our mortgage (would love to), etc. I sat there thinking mean thoughts. I work three jobs. I cut up my credit cards and I have kept my vow to NEVER (again) buy something if I can't pay for it when I buy it. We are doing the absolute best we can, and yet things don't seem to be getting better. We've been paying on our student loan pile for twelve years and it's come down a whole 10,000 dollars. I felt so bad sitting there listening to how his family has put themselves on such a great budget that they just met their goal of paying off the mortgage, and now they have so much extra money every month that they have exciting family discussions about what to do with the excess. Should we install new carpet? Should we fix the driveway? Should we paint? Sigh.... I wanted to raise my hand and suggest they give the money to me. I could put it to good use without all the exciting discussion! :-(

After that happy meeting, I went to Primary, where I have been the pianist for about five years. It's a great job, it requires no preparation on my part, I just have to sit there for two hours playing songs that I've played ten thousand times before. It truly is the best calling in the church, but not for five year stretches. Feeling pretty sorry for myself, I sat in my corner and cried because I've been forgotten and left to rot behind the piano in the Primary Room. Lucky for me my husband popped in to see how things were going, so--you know me, never one to mince words--I told him. I suspect I will be released soon. So that was my inspiring day at church. How was your Sunday?


Lee and Melody said...

In sacrament meeting yesterday we didn't even make it through the OPENING HYMN before Wyatt was screaming and throwing himself on the floor. Sometimes Sundays aren't peaceful days of rest. But you're still the most wonderful Sis in the world, so things must still be ok. :)

heath said...

Ha! Marianne, I love how straightforward you are about things. I can tell this is going to be a blog I enjoy reading. So glad to have a little glimpse into your life!

The Blackham3 said...

YOU are the BEST at what you do. I love you in primary, I do understand your frustration. All the kids love you, and so do I.

Tat said...

I know you don't want to hear this, but I think part of the key to the financial game is getting the kids out of the house. Blair and Cindy are just recently getting flexible enough in their finances to have extra spending money and be out of debt. It's just a long road, and the Lord knows you're doing the best you can. That's what counts.