Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving Tradition

Every year we take the dog and go hiking the day before Thanksgiving. It all started about four years ago, when Mickey (the dog) was about seven months old, and he, along with the children, were driving me crazy, so Dennis took them all for a walk. Well, the kids and dad came home, but Mickey had run off, and although they looked and called and waited until dark, he didn't come back. The kids were devastated and Dennis felt really bad. To make a long and sad story short and happy, Mickey wandered himself home and was safely snoozing in his doghouse by the next morning.

So now we go on the same hike every year, and Mickey still runs like a crazy pup, but he knows to stay within view, and it's extremely entertaining to watch him chase birds. The magpies love to torture him, and he barks and runs and chases, and he can run up the side of the mountain in about ten seconds flat.

Here are a few shots of our hike this year, November 26, 2008. Wade and Isaac invited their friends, Sam and Ammon, to come along; don't mistake them for mine because I don't have that many little boys! And the pictures are in backwards order and I'm too lazy to fix it.

Kate and Dennis and Mickey, taking a rest.

Ammon and Isaac

Wade and Sam (we call him Sammyantha)

Isaac doin' his own thing while Sam, Wade, and Ammon pet the dog.
You can tell this is later in the hike--Mickey is actually holding still.
For the first 30 minutes he was all over the side of the hill!

Dennis and Marianne

Kate and Isaac

Ammon, Isaac, Wade, Sam, Kate and Dennis

Wade and Isaac, Sam and Ammon

Wade, Sam, Marianne, Dennis, just heading up the trail.

Dennis and Mickey getting ready to go.


Natalie said...

I love your pictures of Mickey, I wondered if you ever knew the official family surname for the dogs is "stupid dog" it seems all the clan live up well to it.

Lee and Melody said...

What a lucky Mickey, I really would have liked to hike and run all over the hill with his family! :) Love you!

Susan said...

What a fun tradition. I'm glad Mickey didn't run away. :)

Kim said...

Hi Marianne! Looks like you guys had fun. You have such a cute family!

Lainie said...

oh man!!!! Do I miss those Utah mountains!!! What a fun tradition too! Can I just say how AA-dorable Kate looks. No more like gorgeous! I love, lOve, LOOOOVE her hair. Its so shiny, silky and thick looking. LOVE you guys!!!