Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A WICKED Anniversary!

Today is our twentieth wedding anniversary. The day we got married, it did not snow, like it did today. The day we got married, I weighed less than 100 lbs. Dennis weighed like, 5 lbs. less than he does now. The day we got married, we were both still in college. The day we got married, Dennis's mom was still alive. Lots of things have changed since that day, but today we are celebrating the wonderful life we have (Zuzu's petals!!!), and hoping for many more happy years together. And we'll take the good with the bad, just as we have the last twenty years!
SO....for my anniversary gift, Dennis handed me an envelope. Inside was a paper with the picture you see above, and this statement:
January 24, 2009
8:00 p.m.
At the Ford Theater
Chicago, Illinois
(Kiss me if you'd like to go)
Well, I did NOT kiss him, at least not right then! First I screamed, then I burst into tears, scaring Wade and Isaac who were watching, and THEN I kissed him!!!! Do I, or DO I, have the BEST husband EVER?!!!!!
Happy Anniversary, Dennis!
(And just so you don't think I'm a total ingrate, you should know that I gave him an all expenses paid trip to Yellowstone in June, staying at the Old Faithful Inn.... :-) )


The McKinleys said...

you DO have an awesome husband!!! you deserve it! and you're going to have a BLAST.

Lee and Melody said...

That is so awesome! And I am so freakin' jealous!!! I'm glad you and Dennis have each other, you are both wonderful people whom I dearly love. Happy 20th Anniversary!

Kristen said...

That is such a fun surprise. Mark and I went to Chicago and saw Wicked for our anniversary. It was a blast. P.S. Don't rent a car. It's not worth it.

Kim said...

That is AWESOME! Have so much fun! I love Chicago! And ya know, Wicked is cool too. :)

heath said...

I bet he loved how excited you got--nothing better than someone absolutely loving the gift you got them.

Tat said...

Happy Anniversary to one of my favorite couples! I'm so glad you get to take a great trip!

Myranda said...

That is awesome!!! Happy

sachiko and mark said...

AHH! I actually recently added Sharon M., who I was in dorms with at BYU and saw "cutchins clan" on her links. I really hoped it was you and it was! I'm so excited to keep in touch with you, and bravo on the tickets to wicked!

Lainie said...

You...will....LOOOOOOVE IT!!!! We got to see it at the Orpheum un SF and it was THE best ever!!! I'm so happy for you both to get away! It sounds like you'll get 2 trips away next year! What fun for you guys. You TOTALLY deserve it! Happy Anniversary!

PS I'm very sad to say that your Christmas present is going to be late. ;0( Actually, I am waiting for present #2 to come in the mail to me (it was supposed to be here last Thursday!) I kept thinking it would come and I would throw them both in a box together and mail them. Then it didn't come Thurs. and then Friday OR Saturday. So, I guess since I'm already late, I'll just wait. It better be here today!!! I'm so sorry. I should have mailed the first one by itself and then sent the 2nd one late. I'm sorry!!!! ;0( We love you guys!

Migaloo said...

And who says there's no lottery in Utah?!! (Feels kinda like winning doesn't it?)

My sister, Robyn, will be oh so covetous. She wanted to see Wicked here in SLC, but missed the initial sale. Right now it costs about the same to fly to Chitown for the show as it does to buy SLC tickets from a scalper.

Enjoy those wonderful trips.

Rachel said...

Ooo! It is the best musical ever! I went to see it in Kansas City for my birthday last year. I am so excited for you! You will absolutely LOVE IT! (could you tell I sang "love it" in a high soprano?) Have lots of fun! Happy Anniversary!