Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Winter Wonderland

Baby, it's cold outside!! We've had several wonderful wintery days, and we're looking forward to a very White Christmas! Here's a few pictures for those in warmer climes who don't get to enjoy the season the way I do!!

This is looking East, up the street, from my house.

Home sweet warm cozy home.

Mickey's cozy house....look at how much snow!! Don't worry, he comes in the people house at night when it's REALLY cold!!

The snow is almost up to the bottom of the swings!!

That's an icicle!!

So we're having fun sledding and shoveling and snow-blowing...and we're going through lots of hot chocolate!!


Myranda said...

Brrrr!! It looks colder at your house than mine!! ;)

Rachel said...

Woo! I wish I was there! I love snow, but no white Christmas for me in OK. Right now it's sunny and 33 degrees with lots of wind.

Tat said...

Wow. I do not miss the snow.