Monday, January 19, 2009

Just So You Know

1. I don't feel like blogging.
2. I don't feel like doing anything.
3. I live in a fantasy land that makes reality often unpleasant.
4. I know I should stop doing that.
5. My kitchen floor is covered with dog footprints.
6. My bathrooms are clean....for now.
7. I have a nauseous headache.
8. That's probably why I don't feel like doing anything.
9. I am scared of Norphans.
10. Can I do it?


The Blackham3 said...

Love ya! Miss you. I don't see you nearly enough!

Susan said...

You can do it!! What is a norphan, though?

Marianne said...

Norphan: As in, "bless the widows anorphans...," which is apparently something my husband used to say in his prayers when he was young. But I just saw a VERY scary movie last week, (The Orpahnage)and now my husband and kids are teasing me about it, and saying, "Mom, there's anorphan behind you..." It creeps me out.

Tat said...

Of course you can do it. But you don't have to right now. :)

Lee and Melody said...

I hope you feel better. Nauseous headaches make me want to do nothing also. In fact, I feel like doing nothing right now, but I'm just too tired. :)
Love you.
I'll send you some Norphan Repellant.

Lainie said...

Oh Marianne, Mondays seem to do that to me. Actually, it starts Sunday night when the WHOLE entire week is staring me right in the face. In college I called it the Sunday Night Blues. Maybe you were just sad to see our new president inaugurated? Here's a HHHUUUUUUUUUGGE HUG from me. I miss you, Marianne!