Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Well, I do believe I've been paid a high compliment!! One of Kate's friends said I was cool, and that I was the "bombshizzle!" (Is that good? I think it is....I hope it is!!) So if you're ever looking for a compliment, you should try "bombshizzle." Kate and I decided it sounds just like something Andy would say.

Friday, February 6, 2009


My sister always apologizes for her long and picture-ful blog entries, but I love them. Perhpas you'll love mine too....

So you'll recall that Dennis gave me a trip to Chicago and tickets to WICKED for our anniversary, and here's the photo essay of our trip. We left Friday morning early and got back Saturday night about bedtime, just one short day, but we had the most awesome fun time.

One short day
In the [windy] city,
One short day
Full of so much to do.
Every way that you're seeing the city,
There's something exquisite
You'll want to visit
Before the day's through!

Here we are just getting ready to leave

This is the view of the Chicago River out our hotel window.
Yeah, it was pretty much REALLY cold.

Another view out our window.

Here we are walking about town and seeing the sights.

Here we are outside Walgreen's, where we had to go in and buy hats because it was so FREAKIN' FREEZING cold!! Wade and Isaac got Chicago hats for souvenirs....

There's this awesome HUGE sculpture...giant jelly bean or bike helmet or something...
Really smooth and shiny....

Classic tourist pose....

We went to dinner at Ben Pao's, and they had a dragon dancing for the Chinese New Year.
Gung Hay Fat Choy!!

Here we are at Ben Pao. It was yumMY!!

Oh my GOSH. I was SO excited to see this!!!!

Proof positive (for me!!) that I was really there!

Inside the theater with my souvenir book. I look at it every day....

This is Saturday morning, getting ready to go home. :o(
But first.....a few hours at the Art Institute!!

**contented sigh**

**another contented sigh**

Dennis' favorite painting EVER

I LOVE Georgia O'Keefe
So, that's about it. The company was perfect, the show was amazing, the temperature (with wind chill) was unbelievable, and we had the most wonderful one short day!!

A Study in Beauty

Katherine is my beautiful daughter. She is 14 1/2. Lately she's been grouchy with me...perhaps I'm reaching that awkward stage that all mothers reach when their daughters are teenagers...but it makes me so sad, because she's been my angel child since the day she was born. So I'm reminding myself how wonderful she is. You can watch, too.

Kate at six months

Kate at 18 months.
This picture was taken the day before she bit her tongue in half. She has a nice scar she'll show you if you ask....

Three years old.
She loved "Tellytubbies" and "Katie and Orbie."
And me.

Four years old.
She would put colored socks on her hands...they were her "wings" so she could fly.

Five years old. I was her Kindergarten classroom helper. She would hold my hand when we walked to school.

Six years old.
She was in dancing and loved her first grade teacher.

Seven years old.
In second grade...she loved going fishing with her dad. Still does.

Eight years old.
Smart as a whip, loved school, still dancing.

Nine years old.
In fourth grade, she took second place in the school spelling bee.

Still in fourth grade, with the most beautiful hair on the planet.

Ten years old.
She wanted her hair trimmed, so I trimmed it, but it was crooked, so I trimmed it a little more, and it was still crooked, so I trimmed it a little more. By the time we were done, I had cut about 14 inches off, and we were both in tears. I felt so bad that I went upstairs into the bathroom and cut my hair in solidarity. That was a bad day.

Eleven and in braces. Her hair grows so fast!!
Sixth grade, smart and beautiful.

Twelve years old.
Young women's, middle school, friends...

Thirteen and the braces are off.
I can't believe how beautiful she is!!

Now she's fourteen.
She's in 9th grade, she's a great flute player, she's responsible, a little forgetful, loves her brothers, and she's still my angel girl.
I love you, Kate.