Friday, February 6, 2009

A Study in Beauty

Katherine is my beautiful daughter. She is 14 1/2. Lately she's been grouchy with me...perhaps I'm reaching that awkward stage that all mothers reach when their daughters are teenagers...but it makes me so sad, because she's been my angel child since the day she was born. So I'm reminding myself how wonderful she is. You can watch, too.

Kate at six months

Kate at 18 months.
This picture was taken the day before she bit her tongue in half. She has a nice scar she'll show you if you ask....

Three years old.
She loved "Tellytubbies" and "Katie and Orbie."
And me.

Four years old.
She would put colored socks on her hands...they were her "wings" so she could fly.

Five years old. I was her Kindergarten classroom helper. She would hold my hand when we walked to school.

Six years old.
She was in dancing and loved her first grade teacher.

Seven years old.
In second grade...she loved going fishing with her dad. Still does.

Eight years old.
Smart as a whip, loved school, still dancing.

Nine years old.
In fourth grade, she took second place in the school spelling bee.

Still in fourth grade, with the most beautiful hair on the planet.

Ten years old.
She wanted her hair trimmed, so I trimmed it, but it was crooked, so I trimmed it a little more, and it was still crooked, so I trimmed it a little more. By the time we were done, I had cut about 14 inches off, and we were both in tears. I felt so bad that I went upstairs into the bathroom and cut my hair in solidarity. That was a bad day.

Eleven and in braces. Her hair grows so fast!!
Sixth grade, smart and beautiful.

Twelve years old.
Young women's, middle school, friends...

Thirteen and the braces are off.
I can't believe how beautiful she is!!

Now she's fourteen.
She's in 9th grade, she's a great flute player, she's responsible, a little forgetful, loves her brothers, and she's still my angel girl.
I love you, Kate.


Lee and Melody said...

I love Kate too! Kate is GREAT! And she is absolutely beautiful, Sis. Inside and out. You've done well, young Marianne. :)

Lizzy Lambson said...

I found it! Woo! It was great to see you today. I'm excited to catch up on your blogaroo!

Lainie said...

That is sooooooooooooo sweet. I wish I had a memory like yours Marianne. I'm trying to be good at journaling. I don't want to forget a thing, but ... the laundry pushes it all aside. That and the toys on the floor, crumbs and grime on the counter, floods in the bathroom, hair to brush and diapers to change. Maybe in the resurrection it'll all come back to me. In the meantime, I need to write in my journal EVERY day!!

PS I love Kate too. Kate is great. She will always be great. I wish I had a Kate here with me now. Kate you wanna come visit???

Myranda said...

ooo I LOVE KATE!!!

Sandi said...

So, I am reading this entry, looking at Kate's pictures and doing my own sort of memory lane rendition with Kate. The day, I was watching her and Paul; Devin and Paul are playing outside, Kate is taking a nap and all of a sudden I hear her crying, walk into the boys room, and there she is standing in the playpen with tears streaming down her face and this HUMONGUS smile plastered across her face because she (i think,) hears the boys outside laughing there guts out! I pick her up hug here, and we walk to the sliding back door to see what in the world has created this smile, and those peels of joy coming from the boys mouth, all to walk out and see them Swimming in Mud because they have turned on the hose and flooded the flower area under the kitchen window and all of a sudden Kate is kicking and screaming because she wants to play with the boys and me letting her and how much fun they had! Man, was Kyler mad when he woke up because he had slept through the whole thing!
I also remember the day that she bit her tongue through at Church and how terrified I was for you!
Wonderful memories with such wonderful friends!
Miss you guys!