Friday, April 24, 2009

Neverending Excitement

Wade and Isaac have this thing that they say when they want something to last for a very long time. They say "Neverending." Not "Never Ending." It's clearly "Neverending." As in neverending time out (in a game, not when I send them), neverending ownership of a toy, etc.

It's seems that Wade is having neverending excitment lately. First his awesome black eye, and now this!! I'll tell you one thing, though, I've never seen a little guy so brave, or so PROUD!!

And I behaved the way any concerned mother would....I stood there with my cell phone taking pictures. (I knew he'd want documentation of the whole event. I did it for him, see?)

Just getting it set and cast

Of course he chose BYU BLUE
Although the doctor teased him and said that
if he chose pink
he only had to wear it for three weeks.
If he chose blue it would be six weeks!!

It was nice that the doctor and nurse properly fussed over him.
He felt so special!

That's what you get for falling off a fence!!

Wade has always loved shapes and the shape things make. He loves to play with action figures and pose them in different ways. When the doctor asked him how he landed when he fell off the fence, he wasn't really sure, but he was able to give a perfect description of how he looked while he was in the air!! Wade, you're AWESOME!!


heath said...

Oh dear. I guess just one of the many differences between girls and boys. If I had to wear a cast as a child I would be humiliated--not proud. Glad he's enjoying it though (and glad that you're un-queasy enough to take pictures--I went to the ear doctor once with my husband and just seeing the doctor put things in his ears made me nauseas!).

Lee and Melody said...

Wow, Wade! I like your blue cast, that's pretty cool. Congrats on your first broken should make it your last, too. :)

Kim said...

Oh dear! I'm glad he's ok and was proud of it. That makes it a little easier. :) Very nice color choice too!

Amber said...

Hahaha wow! Neverending huh? That's so cute!

Annie said...

Ah Wade!!!! Poor guy! Marianne, I came across your blog and am making you my blog friend. Will you be my friend?

Erica Peterson said...

please follow me :)!!!!!