Sunday, June 21, 2009

Alaska Update

Please send me my razor.

Please send me my Muswell Hillbillies CD. I think it's in the car.

Please send me some of my favorite movies. All we have here is Season 4 of The Office.

Did my Senior Ball pictures come yet? Send those if they did.

Please get me a bolo tie from C-A-L Ranch. My blue tie doesn't look good with a plaid shirt.

The four charter boats came in yesterday with about 800 pounds of fish. We processed from 3:30 until almost 11.

I love you guys and miss you!!


Paul Look for me on the webcam!


Lee and Melody said...

That is a LOT of fish! I'm glad he's doing well, and I hope you're doing well too. Love love love!

Tat said...

Never mind the comment I made on the last post. I understand now - Paul is Francis on "Malcolm in the Middle."