Monday, August 10, 2009

Road Trip, Day 1

I know you've all been DYING to hear all about the two week vacation. It's taken me two weeks to get my feet back under me, so you've just had to wait. And wait. And wait. And you just can't WAIT any more, right? I know, I'm right. And I don't want to overwhelm you (or me) with another lengthy post. So I'll just give you lots of short, little photogenic posts.

So, Day 1. We get ready to go. We leave the car doors open for hours with the packing and the sorting and the getting ready. And we are ready to go and the battery is STONE dead. We jump the car with the other car and drive to AutoZone and buy a new battery. Off to a good start!

My trusty husband taking care of business!

Proof that I'm rolling with it. I'm OK with a dead battery.

Peace and quiet in the car.

Enjoying the southern Idaho scenery.

By the time we got to Oregon, the peace and quiet was running out.
End of Day 1. Pretty exciting.
Wait for it. Tomorrow I'll post about the Columbia River Gorge.
Worth it, I promise.


heath said...

At least your battery didn't die in the middle of the desert or something. Way to keep smiling!

Kim said...

I agree, your battery died at a prime time! And I LOVE your new picture at the top! I'm so glad you got a well-deserved vacation. And I'm very excitedly waiting the Gorge post. :)

Jill said...

I love your new pic of the family at the top of your blog!! I am glad you guys had fun!!