Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Road Trip, Day 2

Day 2--We drove through the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon. Stunningly beautiful. Wade loved it because he loves fishing, and fish, and anything that has anything to do with fish. He was in little fisherboy heaven all day. In fact, we were all pretty much in heaven all day.

Here we are at the Columbia River Gorge Exploration Center.
Dennis is exploring and making a Fish Lifecycle
We were ready to go long before he was.
A little further down the road, we stopped at
The Dalles Dam.
BIG water. Made me nervous.
The boys LOVED it.
And it WAS extremely gorgeous.
Mt. Hood, the Columbia River and my happy travelers.

Awesome self portrait.

A little further along, we stopped at
The Bridge of the Gods.
Who wouldn't stop for that??
P.S. The milkshakes at the local burger stand are
The Food of the Gods.
Now we came to the Bonneville Dam and Fish Hatchery.
Wade was so excited he couldn't even stand still for two seconds together.
Here are the kind of flowers we just don't grow in Utah.
Too bad.
Kate and I love flowers.
Here are Dennis, Wade, and Isaac looking with awe and wonder at Herman the 500 Pound Sturgeon. Quite amazing really. Even for those of us who don't really like fish. At all.

Another shot of Herman and my amazed children.

I just thought this picture was so cute.
Two little brothers.
Now the fun really started...
And we spent WAY more than 25 cents.

Isaac just stood there and stared.
I think if you click on the picture you can view it larger.
You should try it.
There's a LOT of fish in there.
Watching the feeding frenzy.

Wade wanted to get a little closer...

And Dennis got closer still.
He actually got his finger nibbled!

There was a place where you could go view the fish ladder, and Wade sat there for a very long time, watching for fish to swim by. Like I said, fisherboy's heaven.

We finally had to drag him away, with the promise of a waterfall.
He loves waterfalls.
But not as much as he loves fish.
We stopped at Multnomah Falls.
We've driven by before, and I've always wanted to stop,
but we never have.
Until today!!
(It was totally crowded, though.)
Me and Isaac at the lower view point.
You can hike up to the bridge that goes across, too.

This one is taken on the bridge.
It was such a pleasant day of driving and sight seeing. After we left the falls, we drove to Portland and then headed south to Silverton. We hung out with Kendall and Lainie and pestered them while they were trying to get ready to go, and stayed there long enough for Isaac to get attacked by some wasps. Six stings, and I restrained myself and didn't take any pictures. Too bad for you.
Tomorrow we'll be at Silver Falls State Park, and the Family Reunion (AKA The Wild Rumpus) will start. Wait until you see the relay race. It was AWESOME.


Lee and Melody said...

The Wild Rumpus, yay! We love that fish hatchery, and we love Multnomah Falls too. What a fun day. I look forward to the kids being old enough that sight-seeing is something they'll consider.

heath said...

What fun! I'm kind of jealous that I didn't get to come on your road trip!

Tat said...

So cool! I hope the rest of the vacay is as nice!

Lainie said...

WOW! I've lived here my whole life and of the things you mentioned, I've only been to 1! Way to make your trip full!!! No wonder you were so tired when you got to my house. ;0)

Kim said...

I saw Herman the sturgeon last week too! I had never seen him before. It was pretty exciting.