Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Road Trip, Day 3

Day 3--We are at Silver Falls State Park in Oregon. This is the family reunion of my parents and siblings. This is not the family reunion that you attend where you really don't know anyone and it's kind of boring and not very fun. This is NOT that family reunion. We were sad that Mom and Dad didn't make it home from their mission in time for this reunion, and that Vaughn and Tami were too far away to come, and that Paul has a summer job in far-away Alaska. We missed those guys. A lot. But somehow, in spite of the missing, we managed to have a little fun. Well, that's a little white lie...we managed to have a LOT of fun.

Matt and James, Kendall, Liam, Dennis, Gareth, Mark and Wade.
Hangin' out at the playground. The best way to start the day!
Spencer and Amanda.
These two were pretty much inseparable.
Even when nature called...in the bushes....

We took a little jaunt over to the beach.
When you have lived in Florida for many years, you have certain beach expectations. Now, I understand the difference between Oregon beaches and Florida beaches, but it's JULY for Pete's Sake!! (What I mean to say is that it was FREEZING and WINDY...yes, it was also beautiful. But the sand whipping my legs and my hair in my eyes and mouth and nose made it kinda hard to enjoy the view).

Wade, on the other hand, managed to find some priceless treasures.
I refused to let him bring this guy home, though.

Later that evening, Matt chased his dinner with a little milk...

And Wade cuddled Jana for a while.
Unfortunately, when he was done cuddling, he put her back in her stroller.
He neglected to buckle her in.
She leaped out, face first into the dirt.
She looks good with a big, bruised goose egg on her forehead.
(Sorry, Mel and Lee!!)

For evening entertainment, back in our cabin....

Leave it to my little guys to find the fun in any situation...

Plus their little bums are so....little!!!

And it seems to me that Wade's legs are
getting REALLY long.

So yeah, it was a good day. Tomorrow we are having the (in)famous relay race, (you know, INfamous...it means MORE than famous...) and then we'll play the Pyper People Trivia Game. It will be so exciting to find out "Which Pyper Person Said..." For example, which Pyper Person, when being told the family was going hiking with some friends said, "But I wanted to do something MODERN!" (That would be Paul). Or how about this one--Which Pyper Person, when Dad jumped out and startled her, said, "Dad! You scared me out of the crap!" (That was Charly, I think). Here's a favorite... Which Pyper Person, when seeing the transgender Mayor (dressed as a woman) coming down the street said, "Oh, man. He's got his boobs on!" Hooo-eee, that makes me laugh!! (Oh, and it was Alyse who came up with that gem).


Meredith said...

Your family is almost as funny as mine. It sounds like an awesome vacation! We went to the Oregon coast a couple summers ago and totally loved it...drive and all.

heath said...

Isn't it great when you actually like being with your family!

Lee and Melody said...

That was a fun day! And Jana has completely forgotten the little fall in lieu of all the ones she's done since then. :)