Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Road Trip, Day 4

Well, the reunion starts in earnest today (It's important to be Earnest). We have a full few days, what with playing games and swimming and hiking and playing the Pyper People game and having the talent show. Oh yeah, and eating. That's VERY important.

So first Adam and Brian set up a game of Cricket.
Wild and crazy times, and I'm truly amazed that no one got hurt.

Here's a little row of cousins...

Here's Spencer loving on Mandy....again....

These two monkeys CRACK me up.
They are SO AWESOME.
And they pee more than any toddlers I've EVER known.

For example....

Here's the water fight that just sort of....happened....

And Alex SERIOUSLY asked for this.
No really, he asked Uncle Dennis to dump
all that cold water
right on his head.

Spencer peeing....again....

OK, here's the relay race.
Each family had to come up with one part of the race.
Here's our part...everyone had to dress up
in the outfits I (and DI) provided,
then pose for a photo.
Here's Kate putting on the ritz!!

I personally LOVED the green silk Chinese smoking jacket
with faded shoulders.

The pink fuzzy hat was a popular choice of headwear...
Dennis looked especially nice in the double-knit polyester
flowered gown.
With the turquoise blue hand-knit vest.
Lookin' good, Babe!!
Love the red velveteen hat.

In the spirit of friendly family competition
(aka winning at all costs)
Everyone helps me dress
fastser than my opponent.
(Sorry Lainie!!)
I preferred the purple "Precious"
(embroidered in pink satin thread across the front)
Santa Cap.

Meanwhile, in the nearby bushes....

Now it's time for the Pyper People Trivia Game.
Here we are learning which Pyper Person said,
"Who put dirt on the floor? I thought
it was brownie crumbs, and I ate it!!"
(That would be Isaac....)
Which Pyper Person said,
"Mom, I need a snack."
Mom: "What would you like?
Would you like some fruit
or some toast?"
Pyper Person: "Mom! That's not the point.
The point is, I need chocolate!!"
(Kelly, age 5!!)
Thus ends the fourth day of our vacation. Tomorrow, we will hike the Trail of Ten Falls (yes, all 35 of us, including two pregnant ladies...) And then....the TALENT SHOW. Stay won't want to miss the Dancing Queen.


Kim said...

Holy smokes, this made me laugh!! What a fun reunion. I think Spencer was just fascinated by peeing in the woods. :) And Dennis in a dress, that's great. You guys are such a fun family! Good luck on your audition next week!

p.s. I'm anxiously awaiting Dancing Queen. You didn't pull any muscles this time, did you?!

t.t.turner said...

What a fun trip. Those pictures made me laugh. Hooray for Pypers!

Annie said...

Marianne, that was so funny! I love the randomly interspersed pictures of the little boys relieving themselves. How funny!

heath said...

I'm glad for another update on the reunion. You are a hilarious story-teller!