Sunday, September 6, 2009

Feeling Left Out

These two angels felt bad that they didn't get their pictures in the blog.

See, here's the thing. My camera batteries died just as Wade and Isaac were taking their turns in the Relay Race, and as I missed their cuteness while changing the batteries, Lainie saved my bacon (and my broken heart) by snapping away, as she often does, and capturing their moments of glory!

So thanks to Lainie for the great pics!!

Wade opted for the rainbow
hand-knit giant beanie.

Isaac chose the handsome red velveteen,
just like his Dad.

You may now return to your regularly scheduled program.


Karen Burton said...

Hey, I guess you have your comments off on your most recent post so I thought I would pipe in here. I'll bet most people struggle with some of the things you mentioned, which I don't say to lessen your pain, but to help you feel less alone. Heck, my laundry room is a total wreck. Seriously. I have an utter and complete weakness in that area of taking care of hearth and home. It is like a mental block! One good thing about going to school in the evenings (4-7) is that G feels a duty to make dinner and try his best to support me, but believe me, it is hard to still release the guilt. Sheesh.

You'll feel better soon I am sure. Best wishes.

Kim said...

MARIANNE!! Since you won't let me comment on your recent post, I MUST comment here! You absolutely, positively lift people around you, and I don't care what other crazy person said you don't. We all have bad, grumpy days (ok, at least I do, and majorly!) when we are not perfect to be around. But you ALWAYS make me smile and I'm so happy after talking to you (ask my husband, he hears all about our conversations when we talk because I'm so excited you called or we had lunch or whatever). You are seriously one of the most generous, friendly people I know. Remember that story about how somebody gave you a piano? That's because you're amazing. There you go. Pep talk over. I love you! Hang in there! P.S. I need to call you and we need to have lunch. Soon, I promise.

Kim said...

P.S. Isaac and Wade, you guys look awesome! You should start some new fashion statements with those looks.