Saturday, September 19, 2009

Pyper Family Portraits

Except for my lovely parents, who were on a mission in the Houston Texas South mission, and Vaughn and Tami, who just couldn't make the drive from Oklahoma to Oregon this year (they usually do...), and my little Paul, who is working his buns off in Alaska, these photos are a record of the way my family looked in July 2009. I'm a lucky girl.

Laura and Adam

Liam, Gareth, Anja and Mark
Owen, Charly, Rosie
(with Matt's Kirsten hugging her backside....)

Kendall and Spencer, Lainie and Kenny
Jasmin, Alyse

Alex (Man Cub), Brynn, Heidi, Kelly, Brian

Mandy and Emily, Lara and Matt
Kaylee, James, Kirsten

Wade, Kate, Isaac, Marianne and Dennis

Jana Cake, Lee and Melody, Wypee (aka Wyatt)

Mark and Brian
(back to back)
Anja and Heidi
(belly to belly)
(and both due this Fall)

I'm not EVEN going to label everyone in here...
just enjoy the love!!

Now, for those of you wondering, "When is this Road Trip EVER going to end??" I will tell you what happened next. So this reunion was in Oregon, right? Which is really close to Washington, right? Which is the cheapest place to fly from if you're trying to get to Alaska. Which is what Dennis and Wade were trying to do.

SO, after the awesome reunion was over, we went back to Silverton to stay with Kendall and Lainie, and the next morning we got up and headed north to Seattle. I put Dennis and Wade on a plane to Ketchikan, and then drove back to Silverton to stay for a week with Kendall and Lainie while Dennis and Wade fished it up with Paul in Alaska. So for the next week we vacationed apart...and I sent my camera with Dennis so he could record all the awesome fun they would be having. Kate had her camera, so we could document all the awesome fun we would be having.

And that, dear readers, is where we will pick up the story next time. And let me just say, you're going to be amazed by the fish pictures!!


Kazzy said...

Wow, what a Summer you guys had! I have always wanted to see Alaska, and I really enjoy the Pacific Northwest. Gideon and I went to Seattle for our twentieth anniversary a couple of years ago and thought it was splendid.

And I can't wait for the fish photos!

Lee and Melody said...

I like our family. And I like you.
A lot.

Lainie said...

What a wonderful blogstory of the reunion. Loved all the pix! YES the boys are the most peeingest boys I've ever seen. THANKS Marianne. are not the only one who feels guilty about not being the best wife-mom-friend she could be.'s to PMS and yelling at my kids for spilling crumbs on my couch when my little hand vac won't suck. Suck. ;0) LOVE YOU!