Saturday, September 12, 2009

Road Trip, Day 5 (Part Deux)

The Dancing Queen
(you may want to sing along...)
Melody, Kate, and Me

This started out being the "Cuzco Move"
(from Emperor's New Groove)
but it devolved into a
that scared all the little ones



Disco moves.
Gotta have disco moves!

Having the time of your life....

And that, my friends, was The Dancing Queen. No one was physically injured during the production of this number. Emotionally injured? Very likely.

I LOVE pictures. I LOVE to look at my pictures. I LOVE to look at other people's pictures. Perhaps you don't LOVE looking at my pictures. But oh well, it's my blog and I'll look if I want to!! But you're welcome to join me!

The rest of the talent show was awesome. Adam demonstrated his newly-acquired talent of loud whistling, and Laura recited one of her grandmother's beautiful poems. Mark and Anja and their crew showed us how to use the panic button (which got highly annoying since people kept pushing it throughout the rest of the evening, which immediately set all the kids and many of the adults running around like headless poultry with waving arms and heathen cries. The neighboring campers LOVED it. I know they did). Kendall and Lainie's bunch sang some fun songs, and the boys peed in the bushes and we all clapped, because that is their talent! (They're only three, so it's ALL GOOD). Matt and Lara's family put on a skit in which the expendable crewman was indeed expended, and Brian and Heidi's family sang a song about the Hawaiian state fish, which is a tiny fish with a ten minute-long name. The Dancing Queen counted as Lee and Melody's talent, so my family did the talent that we ALWAYS do, plus one other one. Our first talent, which has become tradition, is me and Kate playing a flute duet. This has evolved from the first year, (about seven years ago) when Kate had to hide behind the rocking chair while she played (!!), to something beautiful and wonderful that I cherish above MANY other things.

I believe that everyone else loves it too.
And Charly had to go potty while we were playing
so she missed it.
So we played it again for her later.
A command performance.
I love those.

Then we all played Haydn's "Surprise Symphony"
on our Root Beer bottles.
Isaac's part was to interject random toots
whenever he could get them to come out,
and Wade had the final low note.
They were the HEROES.

For an encore
(because we KNEW they'd want it)
we prepared
The Beautiful Blue Danube
(with two part harmony--
like on Sesame Street)

It was so fun.


We're going to have a hard time
thinking of something better
for next year!

All that hard work made us thirsty!
(And yes, because I know you're wondering,
we had a little trouble before the show started
with people drinking out of our instruments).

And that, except for the testimony meeting, which I did not photograph (DUH), was the end of the family reunion. Kendall admits to crying like a baby after everyone left, and I admit to crying like a baby all the time. But you know what? I think that I have the best family EVER, and I love these times when we're all together. I missed Paul, and my mom and dad, and Vaughn and Tami and their crew, but that's the way it goes sometimes. But whatever happens, I'm cozy and comfortable in my knowledge that at the end of the very long day (which is probably, in the grand scheme of things, very, very short) we'll all be together. And I know there will be dancing. And my jeans will fit better.


Kazzy said...

Hey, what great photos! I love family reunions, especially because my fam is so far away and we hold our reunions at the ocean! Looks like you had a blast! A little trivia about me... I saw Mamma Mia in the theater 13 times. Yeah, I liked it a little.

And the root beer bottle symphony? How cool is that?

Lee and Melody said...

You're right, of course. And to tell the truth I have long believed that in heaven we will often burst into spontaneous song and dance- that's how it should be.

For example:

Fun pictures, fun post, fun times, fun Sis. Love you, miss you.

Marianne said...

MEL!!! That's awesome! Yeah, that's what it'll be like. Everyone dancing and smiling and taking pics with their cell phones.


Kim said...

I love it!! What a fun family reunion! Ours always involve sitting around and a lot of relatives drinking (not lemonade) ALL day. That gets old quick. AND, I'm very glad nobody was injured in the Dancing Queen. :)

Annie said...

Marianne... I love that you played the surprise symphony on root beer bottles. That is hilarious. Wish I could've heard it!

Tat said...

What a fun reunion! We miss you to bits! We're coming back to Utah December 8th. Yay!

heath said...

I want to hear Haydn's Surprise Symphony on bottles! Awesome!

bookmom said...

Your posts always give me a boost--its nice to know someone else is having ups and downs like me.
Thanks for offering to fast for Alex. We are scheduled for 6:30 am, so I'm actually going to start tomorrow. I'll keep everyone posted!

Tami said...


I love looking at your pictures, and reading your blog and i am so lucky to have you for the older sister I never had! :) Okay, but you are a full 8 1/2 months older than I am! Love you!

Natalie said...

After Kims comment I thought how the "alternative" drink might help me at the reunions since we don't all have the same ability or desire to perform. Our crew finally got a clue about us and this year we had to bring a music video which was equally hilarious and for us meant a compilation of well edited boating tricks and music. Good Times.