Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Things to Do or Things Done

Some I did, and some I didn't. Some I will, and some I probably won't.

1. Use our beautiful tomatoes and peppers to make homemade salsa and can it for use this winter.
1. Pick the green tomatoes before they freeze tonight.

2. Leave Dennis with four boxes of very ripe grapes and three tired and dirty kids while I go up to the hospital to check on my Daddy and his ruptured appendix. Come home to seventeen quarts of beautiful fall goodness.
2. Juice the rest of those grapes and mop the kitchen floor.

3. Offer to make a nice dinner to take to the neighbors who just had a cute little baby girl.
3. Buy macaroni and cheese to take to the neighbors who just had a cute little baby girl.

4. Go to symphony rehearsal.
4. Either go late to or skip symphony rehearsal to attend the Family Activity at Mutual tonight.

5. Sleep.
5. Don't sleep.

6. Covet the vacant house in our neighborhood. Look it up on the internet. Try to find any possible way to get us into that house.
6. Give up. It's too expensive. Dream of new paint and a downstairs bathroom.

7. Sigh.
7. Get back to work.


Paula said...

I just thought I'd finally comment and say I enjoyed reading your blog tonight! I don't read it very often--I think I first checked it out because of your Christmas card. But when I do, I'm glad you're posting and letting us know how you're doing! Maybe someday we can get together again when we're all less busy--maybe 20 years from now.

emily sparks said...

busy, busy! give me a call anytime, or stop by! 801-691-9953.

ps i think you are great!

Kazzy said...

Great post. There is always the ideal that I aspire to, but the reality that I accomplish.

I am completely content in my nice little home, but I find myself looking up places too.