Thursday, October 29, 2009

Called to Serve

Independence, Missouri.
He leaves January 13.

In Case You Were Wondering

1. I hate it when young ladies wear really short skirts. And then play in a concert. And sit on the front row. And sit like a lumberjack.

2. I love watching my children sleep. Their faces are so peaceful, like angels.

3. I hate cleaning bathrooms. I love clean bathrooms.

4. I hate the little gnats that have infested all my houseplants. I love that my sweet husband is working so diligently to get rid of the little buggers. So far nothing has worked. We're going on four months.

5. I love that Christmas time is coming. I love Christmas. I love Christ.

6. I love flowers. I love to look at flowers. I love to smell flowers. I love to grow flowers.

7. I hate it when people talk during concerts.

8. I hate it when people walk into a concert late, and head for their seat in the middle of a song. I am not brave enough to tell them that they are very, very rude. And that they should wait for that song to be over before they start climbing over people and making noise and interrupting and annoying EVERYONE else.

9. I love to sleep. I wish I was sleeping right now.

10. I miss my sister. I want to see her. Why doesn't she move to Provo?

11. I love to cuddle with Isaac while we read stories together. I think he loves it, too.

12. I love hot chocolate. And popcorn. And sugar cookies with frosting.

13. I hate it when people don't return phone calls and don't respond to messages and don't RSVP.

14. I love it when Paul calls me Mommy. He knows this and uses it to his best advantage.

15. I love it when it rains at night. And I can lay in bed and listen to the rain hitting the roof and windows. And feel safe and cozy. A little thunder is OK, but not too much.

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Two teenagers. A boy and a girl. They're good friends. They love each other. I think. Today I found this add on Posted by my son.

provo, UT 84606 - Oct 25, 2009
this sister has been with us for about 15 years, she is fun to have around but we just don't have the room any more, if you come pick her up you can have her. She's pretty good at cleaning stuff and sometimes brings hot friends home with her

(It's been up for two hours and has had 1200 hits)


Saturday, October 24, 2009

It's a BIG DAY

At breakfast on Sunday, Isaac informed me that he had a tooth growing up behind his front teeth. He showed me his row of shark teeth, and I told him that he needed to start wiggling those baby teeth to get them loose enough to come out. One tooth was a bit loose, but not very. He wiggled and wiggled all through church, and on into the rest of the day. He was still wiggling at bed time, and went off to school Monday morning, wiggling his little tooth. He came home from school with an envelope that said "Isaac's Tooth." He's a very, very obedient child.

He's also a very, very
cute child.
Don't you think?

Just so you know,
he hasn't given his tooth
to the Tooth Fairy yet.
He wants to keep it.

Over the Rainbow...Or Under It...

We've had some exciting weather lately. Wind and rain and chill. It's like fall or something! But every so often the skies clear, at least to the west, and the sun shines and we get a fantastic rainbow. In this case, a double. And everyone comes out to look and take pictures. (Except Wade, who was in the middle of an important video game and could not be bothered to come out).

I love living here.
In the shadow of
The Everlasting Hills.

Back in the Cuckoo's Nest

Our Alaskan fisherman returned home safely. He brought lots of fish and mailed all his clothes. He was gone for about four months, which isn't a horribly long time, but it was long enough for him to grow up a little and for us to miss him plenty! We are so glad to have him home! Now his mission papers are submitted and we're waiting for the call, so he'll be leaving again at some point. That's what they do when they grow up, ya know?

Waiting at the airport...
It was kinda late,
and the boys didn't feel too good.

Here they are!!

Hugging my little man.
Yeah, he's taller than me.

Still hugging.
Didn't want to let go.

Do they look older to you?
Slightly more mature, perhaps?

Da boyz.
Except Isaac, who wanted to keep laying down.

So here we are, all together again. At least for now. Stay tuned for any HUGE announcements...

Friday, October 16, 2009


I know you all hunger and thirst after my picture-ful blog posts, and when I go for a while without posting any pictures, you start to feel sick and worried and you need a lot of my awesome photos to get you back in the groove. OK, OK, don't worry, here it comes:

A Day at Oktoberfest, 2009

Mel and Lee and the monkeys came down for the weekend.
Wade entertains Wyatt, because the yodeling,
as AWESOME at it was,
wasn't gettin' the job done.

Kate loves on Jana.
What's new.

Here's the part you didn't know was coming.
Two of my brothers play in a polka band called
Salzburger Echo.
They are REALLY good.
Even if you don't like polka bands.
They do this fantastic routine on the bells.

Here they are, the fast and furious
cow bell ringers.
It is SO FUN to watch.
Plus, you should hear them yodel.

After Salzburger Echo was finished,
we went out for some fun.
Wade and Isaac wanted to try the
bungee trampolines.
So did I, but...
that's not such a good idea.
So I just watched.
And laughed.

Isaac was a little nervous about jumping
too high.
He was pretty conservative.

Wade started out slow....

Isaac got a little braver....

And Wade got braver still!
What he really wanted
was to do a back flip.

After several failed attempts
which I did photograph
(but did NOT post--you're welcome)

(LOVE the curled toes!!)

Isaac settled for mid-air splits!

After his first success,
he was a FLIPPIN' FOOL!!

More flipping.
He had SO much fun!!

Kate and Dad enjoy the show!

Here Dennis and I dance the polka.
Sort of.

Not really.
(Sorry to disappoint)

Coming down the canyon.
The view was breathtaking
as usual.

More fall beauty

So, that's about all there is to say about that. We had fun at Oktoberfest. If you live in the Salt Lake area, you really should head up to Snowbird on Saturdays and/or Sundays during September and early October (yeah, you heard me--Oktoberfest is in September). Be sure to go when Salzburger Echo is on stage. They're AWESOME.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Need a Laugh?

If you're feeling down, or just need a little pick me up, here's something I made just for you. Enjoy!!

Marianne and Dennis

The Kids

Monday, October 5, 2009

Road Trip Days 6-13, OR

Well, you're probably going to cry during this post. There's a SAD story to tell. And this is the last post in the Road Trip saga. So yeah, it's all sad.

First of all, the days in Oregon. While Dennis and Wade and Paul enjoyed the Alaskan Adventure, Kate and Isaac and I rested up with Kendall's clan in Silverton. We went swimming and we went back up to Silver Falls, and we ate Lainie's delicious cooking which I never, ever helped with because I was a completely and totally LAZY BUM the whole time we were there, and I slept about 9 hours every night and 3 or 4 hours every day. Lazy. Bum. Isaac enjoyed their Wii, and Kate enjoyed the twins. I enjoyed the big, puffy and cozy air bed. I also enjoyed seeing Kendall's dental office, and seeing my cute little brother all grown up with a business of his own! We went to see Harry Potter, and while we were at the theater, we saw the male mayor dressed as a woman and it kinda scared me, but he was totally nice.

Isaac and Kate at Silver Falls.
That really is one AWESOME place.

Here's me.

Here's me and Kate and Lainie afer we got our matching haircuts.

And on Saturday afternoon, we went out to lunch at this cute little diner and stuffed ourselves silly, then I hugged my brother and cried, and I hugged Lainie and cried, and I hugged Jas and Lysee and the little monkeys and they laughed at me for crying. Then we drove away. And I cried. But I stopped crying in Molalla because Kate made this funny rhyme about the Llama in Molalla.

And we drove to Seattle and our exit was closed and I was nervous because we were so close to being out of gas that it was scary, and I knew there was a gas station right next to our hotel, but I couldn't get there because the exit was closed, so we had to get off the freeway at the next exit and then get back on and go back, which is all well and good if you have plenty of gas. Which I didn't. But we made it. So it was OK.

And then I got Kate and Isaac settled watching TV and waited for Dennis to call. And he did. So I drove to the airport and picked him up. And Wade. And BOY WAS IT GOOD TO SEE THOSE BOYS. And their luggage smelled SO bad. Fishy. Did I ever mention that I hate fish? I hate the smell, I hate the way they look, and I don't really like the way they taste. But mostly I HATE the way they smell.

So yeah, smelly luggage and cute boys, and Isaac insisted that he wanted to see his Alaska souvenirs NOW, so we had to open all the stinky bags and find the presents. I made Dennis take the stinkiest bag out to the car and lock it in the car top carrier. (So those wet, fishy clothes could bake all the way back to Utah. I had to throw some of them away.)

This post is not meant to be about how stinky the luggage was. It's meant to be about the end of our trip. So we drove home on Sunday and Monday, and arrived home late in the day. We hurried to get the laundry started, because Kate was leaving for Girls' Camp the next morning. We hustled her out the door early the next morning, forgetting several important things. And we didn't have time to download all her pictures from the vacation.

And when Kate came home from camp on Saturday, she told me that one of her friends had accidentally deleted all the pictures from Kate's camera. All the vacation pictures, and all her camp pictures. And she was done crying about it, but I wasn't. And all the pictures that I was counting on from her camera when Dennis dumped mine in the water in Alaska were GONE. Man, things like this really upset me. I hate losing things. I especially hate losing pictures. So we just had to make do with what we could recover from my slightly damaged and a little bit worse for the wear camera. (Are you crying? Neither am I! That surprises me. Maybe it's not as tragic as I thought....)

So, thus ends the amazing Road Trip of 2009. Betcha can't wait to see where we go next year.