Saturday, October 24, 2009

Back in the Cuckoo's Nest

Our Alaskan fisherman returned home safely. He brought lots of fish and mailed all his clothes. He was gone for about four months, which isn't a horribly long time, but it was long enough for him to grow up a little and for us to miss him plenty! We are so glad to have him home! Now his mission papers are submitted and we're waiting for the call, so he'll be leaving again at some point. That's what they do when they grow up, ya know?

Waiting at the airport...
It was kinda late,
and the boys didn't feel too good.

Here they are!!

Hugging my little man.
Yeah, he's taller than me.

Still hugging.
Didn't want to let go.

Do they look older to you?
Slightly more mature, perhaps?

Da boyz.
Except Isaac, who wanted to keep laying down.

So here we are, all together again. At least for now. Stay tuned for any HUGE announcements...

1 comment:

Kazzy said...

OOOooooo I am excited to hear about the mission call! We should have one in a few weeks too. Cool times, huh?