Saturday, October 24, 2009

It's a BIG DAY

At breakfast on Sunday, Isaac informed me that he had a tooth growing up behind his front teeth. He showed me his row of shark teeth, and I told him that he needed to start wiggling those baby teeth to get them loose enough to come out. One tooth was a bit loose, but not very. He wiggled and wiggled all through church, and on into the rest of the day. He was still wiggling at bed time, and went off to school Monday morning, wiggling his little tooth. He came home from school with an envelope that said "Isaac's Tooth." He's a very, very obedient child.

He's also a very, very
cute child.
Don't you think?

Just so you know,
he hasn't given his tooth
to the Tooth Fairy yet.
He wants to keep it.


Erica Peterson said...

he is cute :)

Kazzy said...

I think he really looks a lot like you! Cutie!

Tat said...

Very, very cute.