Friday, October 16, 2009


I know you all hunger and thirst after my picture-ful blog posts, and when I go for a while without posting any pictures, you start to feel sick and worried and you need a lot of my awesome photos to get you back in the groove. OK, OK, don't worry, here it comes:

A Day at Oktoberfest, 2009

Mel and Lee and the monkeys came down for the weekend.
Wade entertains Wyatt, because the yodeling,
as AWESOME at it was,
wasn't gettin' the job done.

Kate loves on Jana.
What's new.

Here's the part you didn't know was coming.
Two of my brothers play in a polka band called
Salzburger Echo.
They are REALLY good.
Even if you don't like polka bands.
They do this fantastic routine on the bells.

Here they are, the fast and furious
cow bell ringers.
It is SO FUN to watch.
Plus, you should hear them yodel.

After Salzburger Echo was finished,
we went out for some fun.
Wade and Isaac wanted to try the
bungee trampolines.
So did I, but...
that's not such a good idea.
So I just watched.
And laughed.

Isaac was a little nervous about jumping
too high.
He was pretty conservative.

Wade started out slow....

Isaac got a little braver....

And Wade got braver still!
What he really wanted
was to do a back flip.

After several failed attempts
which I did photograph
(but did NOT post--you're welcome)

(LOVE the curled toes!!)

Isaac settled for mid-air splits!

After his first success,
he was a FLIPPIN' FOOL!!

More flipping.
He had SO much fun!!

Kate and Dad enjoy the show!

Here Dennis and I dance the polka.
Sort of.

Not really.
(Sorry to disappoint)

Coming down the canyon.
The view was breathtaking
as usual.

More fall beauty

So, that's about all there is to say about that. We had fun at Oktoberfest. If you live in the Salt Lake area, you really should head up to Snowbird on Saturdays and/or Sundays during September and early October (yeah, you heard me--Oktoberfest is in September). Be sure to go when Salzburger Echo is on stage. They're AWESOME.


Kazzy said...

You and Dennis are fab dancers! And it does look like so much fun! Gid is a huge Snowbird fan, any time of year, having grown up so close to it!

Kim said...

Looks like fun!!

Lee and Melody said...

Lee was jealous that he was too big to play on the bouncy thing. It's always, always, always a delight to see you. Love love love love love love love love!

heath said...

I want to hear Salzburger Echo. Looks pretty awesome. And I've always wanted to go to Oktoberfest but have never made it. Maybe next year!