Monday, October 5, 2009

Road Trip Days 6-13, OR

Well, you're probably going to cry during this post. There's a SAD story to tell. And this is the last post in the Road Trip saga. So yeah, it's all sad.

First of all, the days in Oregon. While Dennis and Wade and Paul enjoyed the Alaskan Adventure, Kate and Isaac and I rested up with Kendall's clan in Silverton. We went swimming and we went back up to Silver Falls, and we ate Lainie's delicious cooking which I never, ever helped with because I was a completely and totally LAZY BUM the whole time we were there, and I slept about 9 hours every night and 3 or 4 hours every day. Lazy. Bum. Isaac enjoyed their Wii, and Kate enjoyed the twins. I enjoyed the big, puffy and cozy air bed. I also enjoyed seeing Kendall's dental office, and seeing my cute little brother all grown up with a business of his own! We went to see Harry Potter, and while we were at the theater, we saw the male mayor dressed as a woman and it kinda scared me, but he was totally nice.

Isaac and Kate at Silver Falls.
That really is one AWESOME place.

Here's me.

Here's me and Kate and Lainie afer we got our matching haircuts.

And on Saturday afternoon, we went out to lunch at this cute little diner and stuffed ourselves silly, then I hugged my brother and cried, and I hugged Lainie and cried, and I hugged Jas and Lysee and the little monkeys and they laughed at me for crying. Then we drove away. And I cried. But I stopped crying in Molalla because Kate made this funny rhyme about the Llama in Molalla.

And we drove to Seattle and our exit was closed and I was nervous because we were so close to being out of gas that it was scary, and I knew there was a gas station right next to our hotel, but I couldn't get there because the exit was closed, so we had to get off the freeway at the next exit and then get back on and go back, which is all well and good if you have plenty of gas. Which I didn't. But we made it. So it was OK.

And then I got Kate and Isaac settled watching TV and waited for Dennis to call. And he did. So I drove to the airport and picked him up. And Wade. And BOY WAS IT GOOD TO SEE THOSE BOYS. And their luggage smelled SO bad. Fishy. Did I ever mention that I hate fish? I hate the smell, I hate the way they look, and I don't really like the way they taste. But mostly I HATE the way they smell.

So yeah, smelly luggage and cute boys, and Isaac insisted that he wanted to see his Alaska souvenirs NOW, so we had to open all the stinky bags and find the presents. I made Dennis take the stinkiest bag out to the car and lock it in the car top carrier. (So those wet, fishy clothes could bake all the way back to Utah. I had to throw some of them away.)

This post is not meant to be about how stinky the luggage was. It's meant to be about the end of our trip. So we drove home on Sunday and Monday, and arrived home late in the day. We hurried to get the laundry started, because Kate was leaving for Girls' Camp the next morning. We hustled her out the door early the next morning, forgetting several important things. And we didn't have time to download all her pictures from the vacation.

And when Kate came home from camp on Saturday, she told me that one of her friends had accidentally deleted all the pictures from Kate's camera. All the vacation pictures, and all her camp pictures. And she was done crying about it, but I wasn't. And all the pictures that I was counting on from her camera when Dennis dumped mine in the water in Alaska were GONE. Man, things like this really upset me. I hate losing things. I especially hate losing pictures. So we just had to make do with what we could recover from my slightly damaged and a little bit worse for the wear camera. (Are you crying? Neither am I! That surprises me. Maybe it's not as tragic as I thought....)

So, thus ends the amazing Road Trip of 2009. Betcha can't wait to see where we go next year.


Kristen said...

Once my memory card got erased. I took in in to Allen's camera and they were miraculously able to restore the lost pictures for only $15.00 or so. It was well worth the money. I took it in to the camera shop before I tried to take any other pictures on the card. If that happens again you might want to try that. I hate losing pictures!

Kazzy said...

I will obsess over lost things. So sorry about your photos. That hurts.

And don't you love a good airport reunion? It is so much fun!

Glad you had such a great vacation. I love to get away here and there.

heath said...

Bummer about the pictures. And about the stinky clothes--I don't do well with smells. I wonder how the people on the airplane near them enjoyed their flight . . .

Lee and Melody said...

I thought that was a sad story. I hate lost pictures too. :( In fact, I am having trouble concentrating all the time lately because my freakin' CD burner AND my DVD burner won't work- so ALL the pictures of Jana's whole life are sitting on my hard drive, and I am just crazy that my computer will crash and I'll lose them all (not really an outrageous fear, it has happened to us twice in the last few years). Losing pictures is awful. And sad.

And I love you.
And miss you.
You're pretty much amazing. :)

p.s. My word verfication is "wingsy." Is that like "handsy" only for birds? Keep those wings to yourself!

Kim said...

How sad about the pictures! I'm glad you at least got a FEW really cute ones saved. And I'm laughing about fish in suitcases. Stinky!!!

Tat said...

Wow, you guys are having bad luck with cameras! So sorry. I send hugs and kisses and good karma!!!