Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Horrible Mutants

Last week we went down to the Elementary School for the annual Reflections Open House. You know, the Reflections contest run by the PTA? Art work, literature, photography, etc. Our PTA does an open house where all the students and their parents can come and see all the Relfections entries displayed. (And the children, because the open house is held in the gym, can run around and slide on their knees and throw paper balls at each other and spill their water and generally annoy their parents and all the other parents). This is also when the students find out if their entries were selected to go on to the district level of the competition.

Wade does not like to enter the Reflections contest. He only does it when he is required to do so. But Isaac could NOT wait to make an entry. He made it the very first day they announced the contest, and he sat himself down with the special piece of paper his teacher had given him. I asked him if he wanted a scratch paper to practice on first, and he said, "Nope. I don't need that." He then proceeded to draw the most beautiful picture. It took him about five minutes, and he used his very special box of 120 crayons, that he only uses for very special occasions.

Well, when we went to the Reflections Open House, he quickly looked to find his own picture, and GUESS WHAT??!!!

It's a WINNER!!

The PTA ladies didn't realize
that the picture needs to be rotated 90 degrees
to the right.
The tree trunk is supposed to be on the left.

Isaac needed me to explain to him what "Judge's Choice for District" means.

As he ran around the gym, more excited than I have EVER seen him, he was telling all his friends that his picture was "Judges Choice for District," but that (unnamed child)'s picture was a "Horrible Mutant." He told me there were lots of "Horrible Mutant" pictures. I was perplexed. I asked Isaac to show me what he meant, who was a Horrible Mutant?

The light dawned when he showed me the pink awards that were placed by some of the pictures. They said, "Honorable Mention." Not "Horrible Mutant." I hope (unnamed child) doesn't feel too bad!

Wade found a blue marker on the floor of the gym. On the way home, in the dark of the car, he put that blue marker to good use:

Paul determined that Wade needed
a bit of help filling in his sideburns.

Isaac just thinks the whole affair is hilarious.

Now we're all watching.

What do you think?
Family Christmas Card picture??

And yes, Wade's face had a slight blue tint the next day at school.


Lee and Melody said...

Ha ha ha! I am trying to laugh quietly so I don't wake up the kids! Horrible mutant?!? I love it. And I totally dig the family picture, definitely Christmas card material.

Tat said...

"Horrible mutants!" I love it!

Annie said...

Horrible Mutant! What a crack up your kiddos are!

Kazzy said...

I love that you guys seemed to revel in the collaboration of the face art! What a great family you are!

Congrats to Isaac!!!

heath said...

That made me laugh so much! Congrats to Issac on making it to District. And I'm so glad you take pictures of your kids' silliness.

Anonymous said...

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