Saturday, November 14, 2009

Six Little Pumpkins....And Other Things

Halloween has come and gone. Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Kate is, right this minute, listening to MoTab Christmas Music. We are feeling festive around here, and I wanted to post some pictures of Halloween before Christmas gets here!! So strap yourself in, here we go!

These are our six little pumpkins
all in a row...





(it's a cyclops)


Isaac the cowboy
at the school Halloween Parade

Wade the Ghoul
at the school Halloween Parade
(make up by Mom)

Paul the big-eared goof
messing around at home

This is right before they went
Isaac is wearing his black
Spiderman suit
with cowboy boots
and his dog bone neckerchief
and his Captain America mask
and a cowboy hat.
Wade is a very scary ghoul
(make up by Dad this time).
Dennis is his worst nightmare....

Issac is such a unique little man!!

Wade's very creepy make up...
Dennis discovered while trying to wash Wade's face
after the school parade
that the black face paint looks REALLY cool
when you're trying to remove it.
So that's how they did his make up
on Halloween night.
Plus a little white
and some fake blood.
Ya gotta have fake blood.

So Dennis took the boys Trick-or-Treating, and Kate was at Lagoon with her friends, and Paul was out with his friends. So I kept the home fires burning and passed out the candy. I folded some laundry, I popped some popcorn, and I cuddled up with a good book. It was the most pleasant Halloween I've spent in a while.

When Dennis and the boys came home, Isaac dumped out his candy and started sorting it into piles. All the Snickers in one pile, all the Three Musketeers in one pile, all the Smarties in one pile. Yes, he sorted his candy. And then he put each little pile into a baggie, and then he put all the baggies into a big Ziploc. He likes to be organized. Wade thought it was a good idea, so he did the same thing. It was pretty cute, both of them huddled on the floor in the living room, counting their little piles of candy. I never, ever did such a thing. I dumped my candy out for my parents to inspect, and after they took their "taxes," (usually the Butterfingers because they knew I didn't like them), I stuffed my candy back into my sack and ran for the hills. And feasted in PRIVATE.

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Sharon said...

I totally sorted all my candy out as a kid! Only, I organized them all by type into a huge rectangle, kind-of like trying to fill a tetris board or something like that. And I always saved the best candy for last (which, of course, was never too long after Halloween).