Thursday, December 31, 2009


I'm sitting on the couch in my parent's living room. My feet are resting on the chair in front of me. Wade is sitting on the chair, and he keeps jumping up and making my feet fall off the chair. Annoying. I'm sitting next to Laura, who is also blogging, and Kate, who is reading "Chasing Redbird." Adam and Emily and Isaac and Wade and Brynn and Kaylee and Victor are playing "The Great Dalmuti." Charly and Kirsten and Rosie are playing "Sorry." My Dad and Dennis and Mark and Brian are in the kitchen watching basketball. Anja is rocking Hazel, and Heidi is feeding baby Adam. Mark has to go home because he has to go to work at 3:00 in the morning. Matt and Paul and Alex are downstairs playing ATARI. (Seriously. Atari.)There are people everywhere. People that I love.

This is our annual New Year's Eve party. We are eating and playing games and talking and trying to stay up to greet 2010.

I am thinking about my New Year's Resolutions. The giant plate of homemade fudge that just wandered into the room is making me rethink one of my resolutions...

I don't like New Year's resolutions. I don't like to think that I'll only try to improve myself at the beginning of each year... I like "make it when you need it" resolutions. See a need, make a resolution. No planning ahead for this girl!

Actually, I believe that I am on a constant quest for self-improvement. The people I live with may not agree, but that's how I think about it.

Anyway, it's hard to blog when the party is raging all around me. Plus the laptop is making my lap HOT. So I'll go join the festivities. I'll eat Phat Cow Fudge and my mom's world famous caramel pecan logs. I'll drink Grammy Shirley's egg nog and watch the "Settlers of Catan" game. I'll apologize again to Paul for smacking him with the empty wrapping paper roll and leaving a mark on his arm. (I was blindfolded, and he was pinching me. I couldn't help myself! You would have done the same. Wouldn't you?) And at midnight I'll go out on the porch and yell, "Happy New Year!" and bang two pan lids together. Then I'll come inside and fall exhausted into the nearest empty sleeping place and dream my way into 2010.

Happy New Year!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Feeling Blessed

Last night, after Isaac had been the Birthday King all day,
and a bit of a tyrant,
and my camera died again,
and Paul's missionary stuff was scattered all over the living room,
and Isaac's Lego Chariot kept falling apart every time he picked it up,
and he cried about it four times in fifteen minutes,
and Wade dropped his rocket cup on his toe and nearly died,
and it seemed like everyone was yelling at me,
we managed to gather for a few minutes for (what we wish was regular but sort of isn't) scripture time.

We read for a while about murmuring and complaining and not being grateful, and how someone can be totally and amazingly blessed and somehow not recognize the blessings they have received. And with my sweet husband and my four healthy children, in our messy but warm home, snuggled together reading the scriptures, I got a lump in my throat. Because I DO THAT. I am often ungrateful and selfish. And I murmur.

And I shouldn't.

I am a lucky girl and I know it. Yeah, life is busy and I get stressed. But that's no reason to threaten to smash the birthday Legos with a hammer if you don't stop crying, or to stomp out of the room and slam the door when you won't let me look at your pinched toe. Or throw the phone on the floor when you're late coming home.

Perhaps a little more sleep? Perhaps a bit o'exercise? Perhaps my heart is two sizes to small.

How do my children know that I love them? That I adore them? That I would do anything for them, and I wouldn't really smash the Legos? How does my husband know that I appreciate him and that he is the love of my life? How does Paul know that I am so proud of him and that I will miss him so bad that it hurts already? How do they know that they are the greatest blessings and joy of my life?

My heart brimmed over a little bit last night. And I prayed for help to change.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

I've been a very good boy. I want a castle made out of LEGOS and a wii. Make shure the castle is BIG! About 80$ plees! Wii games too! Lick wii ski plees! A sel fon! New home fons too!



Daer Sata,

This is Isaac C. Again. this is my secin list. I plees want some air Heds. I want 1000$. I relee want fishing stoof. crismis decarasuns. Magic grow anamls. Wii ultimate alliance II. Koolaed jamrs a lot plees.


Dear Santa,

this is My Christmas list. the Thor action figure. Ulitmate Alliance 2 on PlayStation 2. 2 more NFL balls, some tools, a toolbox. The bionicle Legends, 20 dollars, some new fishing gear, a wii and football gloves.

To: Santa
From: Wade C.


Dear Santa,

Please help me find the Thor action figure and a BIG castle made out of LEGOS. 1000$ would be nice, too.


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Fun with Wyatt and Jana and Vaughn

Wyatt and Jana stayed with us last weekend. It was AWESOME. Except when Jana started running a little fever. Good thing her Mommy came the next day to get her and find out that she had an ear infection. I digress...

So Saturday evening we had Wyatt and Jana and Vaughn, and Chinese food, and Wyatt LOVED the egg drop soup, and we loved watching him try to eat and mostly drop the egg drop soup. He figured it out eventually. We had so much fun having Vaughn with us, even for just a few hours.

We tried to take a lot of pictures, because Vaughn and Wyatt and Jana don't get to see each other very often. Come to think of it, I don't get to see Vaughn very often, or Wyatt and Jana for that matter!

When Jana is done eating,
she is done eating.
This is how you know she is done eating.

Paul and Jana love each other
very much.

Wyatt and Uncle Vaughn and Jana

That's the "Give me a kiss!" face

It wouldn't be a visit from
Uncle Vaughn if there wasn't

And more DANCING!

Jana and Uncle Vaughn and Wyatt

Wyatt and Aunt Marianne

(We're laughing)

A group photo before Uncle Vaughn
had to leave

And then, Uncle Vaughn told the boys,"I know a word you can say that will make any boy between the ages of 2 and 50 laugh." And Wade and Isaac were intrigued and wanted to know what the word was! And Uncle Vaughn told them the word. I hesitate to write it on my blog...But I will anyway. The word is PooButtFart.

Then they were saying it all night.

And I told them to quit.

So they abbreviated it to PBF.

Here were are, all yelling PooButtFart.
Except Dennis, he got stuck on the "F."
Good times. Good times.

And then Vaughn had to go home.
And I was sad.
And Paul was a dork.

Bein' Proud

On November 21st, BYU football played Air Force in Provo. The way I heard it, several months ago, BYU called the Air Force Academy and asked if they would provide a fly-over for the game. Air Force called whoever they call to get that kind of thing arranged, and it ended up on the desk of one Major (soon-to-be Lieutenant Colonel) Pyper at Vance AFB in Enid, Oklahoma. You may ask why I'm telling you all of this...

I'm telling you because Major Pyper is my little brother (and a BYU alumni). And he was in the lead jet that day. And he flew right over Provo, where Isaac and Wyatt and I were standing out in the front yard and running down the street, and where Paul and my Mom and Dad and their neighbor Victor were watching from the parking lot at the mouth of Slate Canyon, and where Dennis and Kate and Wade and Wade's friend Gideon were in the stadium. And where we all jumped up and down and yelled and waved (like he would be able to see us or hear us!!) and were really proud of him.

After they flew over the stadium, they flew back up to SLC International Airport and landed there, then hopped in their cars and drove back to Provo, just in time for half-time where they were invited out to mid-field and honored and given sideline passes for the rest of the game!! How FREAKIN' AWESOME is that??!!

Here are a few photos of that awesome day:

Lead jet. My brother.

See that big Pyper smile?

There they are.
Right on the field!!

Kate came to say hi.
That's Dennis Pitta's helmet sitting there.

Wade and Vaughn
(notice Wade's awesome sweatshirt...
he's been collecting signatures for about
three years)


Gideon, Max Hall, Wade, Dennis Pitta
You will not see Wade this happy again
until his wedding day!

Harvey Unga and my little brother.

And then...
Coleby Clawson comes out, and says,
"Hey, can I have my picture taken with you?!"

Yeah, it was a great day for them all, especially since BYU won that day. People around here get pretty grumpy when BYU doesn't win. In a near future post I will regale you with photos of the fun we had the rest of the day.