Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Bein' Proud

On November 21st, BYU football played Air Force in Provo. The way I heard it, several months ago, BYU called the Air Force Academy and asked if they would provide a fly-over for the game. Air Force called whoever they call to get that kind of thing arranged, and it ended up on the desk of one Major (soon-to-be Lieutenant Colonel) Pyper at Vance AFB in Enid, Oklahoma. You may ask why I'm telling you all of this...

I'm telling you because Major Pyper is my little brother (and a BYU alumni). And he was in the lead jet that day. And he flew right over Provo, where Isaac and Wyatt and I were standing out in the front yard and running down the street, and where Paul and my Mom and Dad and their neighbor Victor were watching from the parking lot at the mouth of Slate Canyon, and where Dennis and Kate and Wade and Wade's friend Gideon were in the stadium. And where we all jumped up and down and yelled and waved (like he would be able to see us or hear us!!) and were really proud of him.

After they flew over the stadium, they flew back up to SLC International Airport and landed there, then hopped in their cars and drove back to Provo, just in time for half-time where they were invited out to mid-field and honored and given sideline passes for the rest of the game!! How FREAKIN' AWESOME is that??!!

Here are a few photos of that awesome day:

Lead jet. My brother.

See that big Pyper smile?

There they are.
Right on the field!!

Kate came to say hi.
That's Dennis Pitta's helmet sitting there.

Wade and Vaughn
(notice Wade's awesome sweatshirt...
he's been collecting signatures for about
three years)


Gideon, Max Hall, Wade, Dennis Pitta
You will not see Wade this happy again
until his wedding day!

Harvey Unga and my little brother.

And then...
Coleby Clawson comes out, and says,
"Hey, can I have my picture taken with you?!"

Yeah, it was a great day for them all, especially since BYU won that day. People around here get pretty grumpy when BYU doesn't win. In a near future post I will regale you with photos of the fun we had the rest of the day.


Lee and Melody said...

Harvey Unga is huge. What a fun day, and how fun to see Uncle Vaughn!

Kim said...

That's awesome!! I would be proud too. Sounds like a fun day!

Natalie said...

Boyd and Ronan were at the game and they told me how cool it was to have a fly by and the guys come on the field. I showed him your post and now it was even more awesome for them.
And maybe if you "sold" wades shirt you could get your $1000 for Christmas ;-)just kidding you'd spend more than that in therapy for Wade.

Tami said...

What a cute pilot! Does he have a girlfriend? Will you introduce me?

Marianne said...

Sorry Tami. He's married. And he's hopelessly devoted to his wife. ;-)