Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

I've been a very good boy. I want a castle made out of LEGOS and a wii. Make shure the castle is BIG! About 80$ plees! Wii games too! Lick wii ski plees! A sel fon! New home fons too!



Daer Sata,

This is Isaac C. Again. this is my secin list. I plees want some air Heds. I want 1000$. I relee want fishing stoof. crismis decarasuns. Magic grow anamls. Wii ultimate alliance II. Koolaed jamrs a lot plees.


Dear Santa,

this is My Christmas list. the Thor action figure. Ulitmate Alliance 2 on PlayStation 2. 2 more NFL balls, some tools, a toolbox. The bionicle Legends, 20 dollars, some new fishing gear, a wii and football gloves.

To: Santa
From: Wade C.


Dear Santa,

Please help me find the Thor action figure and a BIG castle made out of LEGOS. 1000$ would be nice, too.



Kim said...

This was SO cute. Maybe I should write to Santa too. Good luck with the hunt for Thor and $1000. :)

Lee and Melody said...

That is awesome. I remember those Childcraft magazines we used to get when I was little, and I'd decide on everything I wanted and make a list along with the cost, and then add it all up. It was usually in the neighborhood of 1000 dollars too. Things haven't changed much- I could still spend a 1000 dollars without trying very hard.

And I'm glad Wyatt and Jana got to have a fun weekend with Aunt Marianne. It was nice for mommy to have a quiet weekend too. :)

Susan said...

Too cute. And yes, please Santa send me $1000 too.

heath said...

That's not too much to ask. It took me a minute to figure out what a "sel fon" is--too, too adorable.

Kazzy said...

Love the letters. :)

If you figure out how to grease the wheels for Santa to open the purse strings, can you let me know?

Anna said...

have i ever told you how much i absolutely adore your family? because i do. :) when i grow up i am going to be just like YOU!

Hubba said...

Hahahhhaah this is awesome

Natalie said...

That was awesome :) I had to read Isaac's fast to have it make sense.