Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Fun with Wyatt and Jana and Vaughn

Wyatt and Jana stayed with us last weekend. It was AWESOME. Except when Jana started running a little fever. Good thing her Mommy came the next day to get her and find out that she had an ear infection. I digress...

So Saturday evening we had Wyatt and Jana and Vaughn, and Chinese food, and Wyatt LOVED the egg drop soup, and we loved watching him try to eat and mostly drop the egg drop soup. He figured it out eventually. We had so much fun having Vaughn with us, even for just a few hours.

We tried to take a lot of pictures, because Vaughn and Wyatt and Jana don't get to see each other very often. Come to think of it, I don't get to see Vaughn very often, or Wyatt and Jana for that matter!

When Jana is done eating,
she is done eating.
This is how you know she is done eating.

Paul and Jana love each other
very much.

Wyatt and Uncle Vaughn and Jana

That's the "Give me a kiss!" face

It wouldn't be a visit from
Uncle Vaughn if there wasn't

And more DANCING!

Jana and Uncle Vaughn and Wyatt

Wyatt and Aunt Marianne

(We're laughing)

A group photo before Uncle Vaughn
had to leave

And then, Uncle Vaughn told the boys,"I know a word you can say that will make any boy between the ages of 2 and 50 laugh." And Wade and Isaac were intrigued and wanted to know what the word was! And Uncle Vaughn told them the word. I hesitate to write it on my blog...But I will anyway. The word is PooButtFart.

Then they were saying it all night.

And I told them to quit.

So they abbreviated it to PBF.

Here were are, all yelling PooButtFart.
Except Dennis, he got stuck on the "F."
Good times. Good times.

And then Vaughn had to go home.
And I was sad.
And Paul was a dork.


Tami said...

Wish we could have come, too! Plan on us next summer!

Marianne said...