Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Sabbath at My House

F is for friends who do stuff together
U is for U and me
N is for N-y thing, N-ywhere at all

Here with my best buddy.

F is for fire burning through the whole town
U is for uranium bomb
N is no sur-vi-vors

No! That's not how it goes, this is how it goes.

F is for frolicking through all the flowers
U is for ukelele
N is for nose-pickin', cherry stompin', sand-lickin'

Here with my best buddy.


Thank you, Sponge Bob, for helping us achieve a peaceful, spiritual Sabbath.

Thank you, Kate, for teaching the boys to sing this song so they could substitute all the N words with NAKED and all the F words with FART.

Meanwhile, Kate is tuning her ukelele so she can figure out the chords to accompany herself while she sings. Dennis is hollering from the kitchen, "Kate! Tuning a ukelele is like polishing an elephant. It's like putting a screen door on a submarine! It's like putting a kick stand on a tank!"

I love Sundays.

Actually, it's not just Sundays.

I love my life.


Kazzy said...

Great song! And someone in your house plays the ukelele. Man, you guys are so talented!

Annie said...

I am kind of ashamed to say that I know this song by heart...

heath said...

That's hilarious. I remember laughing so hard as a little girl at some underwear song my brothers used to sing. Ahh, our juvenile humor.

Lee and Melody said...

Ha ha! We put the "FUN" in dysFUNctional! Love it. Miss you.