Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Whole Lotta AWESOME.

Last week we took a little trip down south. We ran around Albuquerque in the February wind with our jackets squeezed tight and our eyes squinty. We admired the petroglyphs, and we went to the museum, and Kate and Isaac sat in the dinosaur nest and tried to hatch the eggs. (Didn't work) We went out to Chaco Canyon, which is simply. amazing. We stopped at Mesa Verde on the way home, and admired the ancient culture. We drove through Blanding and were astounded at how much snow they have down there.

While we were at Chaco, Kate went off by herself over to the very western edge of the Pueblo we were visiting. I could see her, far away in the distance. A little tiny girl, thinking about an ancient people and how they must have lived. She was wandering, and thinking, and then I could see her jumping. What? What is she doing over there?

This. This is what she was doing over there.

That's my girl!!


Kazzy said...

Those photos should be blown up and framed. I love it!

And I need a trip somewhere warm sooooo bad.

Janice Pyper said...

Oh that Kate! I think it's rather amazing (and creative!) that she would just be walking along, then notice the angle of the sun and her weird shadow, then take pix!!

Lee and Melody said...

That is awesome! What a fun little kate you have.