Saturday, March 13, 2010

Can I Just Say?

In no particular order...

I really miss Paul. He's been gone two months today.

I am so sick of my messy house. Won't somebody come and finish the painting and moving so we can get back to "normal" around here?

The Enesco accompaniment kicked my TRASH today. Sorry, Sarah.

Our dog stinks SO bad.

I have GOT to find a way to lose some weight. A lot of weight. I embarrass myself every time I walk past a mirror. Why didn't anyone tell me I look like red-headed hippo?! (Nevermind, that was a rhetorical question. I know why no one told me. It's not nice to tell people things like that. I would never tell anyone that, apparently including myself.)

I wish BYU would thaw the hiring freeze.

OK, I'm done with winter. Snow, it's time to stop. Go away. Oh, and my grass, please turn green. What's the matter? Everyone else's grass is starting to turn a little green but you are still matted and brown. Are you dead?

I'm seriously thinking of cutting my hair. Any suggestions?

I need some shopping time. Kate needs some new tank tops and Isaac needs a few pairs of Sunday socks. Oh, and Wade needs a scout shirt. What the HECK happened to Paul's old one??

I need a day off. Can you tell?


Kazzy said...

I need time, and things, and help too.

ps I hate mirrors.

pss Chop your hair off. It is so liberating and fun!

Nicole said...

I just cut off my hair and it was a great change (almost five inches gone). Like the post before me said, it's sooooooo liberating!

Janice Pyper said...

What day can you take off? I'm coming too! You can get a birthday present, since I still haven't sent your birthday check!
:( I love you, sweetie, and I think you're wonderful! The real you that matters isn't the outside you, it's on the inside! And I love both of yous!

JoEllen said...

I often feel the same way about all those things. Okay, so I am not worried about the BYU hiring freeze. But all the others seem to fit. I did cut my hair, too, and it is nice for a change.

Hang in there!! We are all in it with you (even if we are far away).

Love you!

Kim said...

I say to heck with it all! Take a day off!!! I know, it doesn't really work that way. :) But you deserve it. Hang in there!

Jenn Darlin' said...

When you find that somebody to go finish your house, send them my way. I still have "stuff" lounging in the garage wondering why I've neglected it. I'm too embarrassed to tell said stuff it's simply because I'm too lazy to do anything around the house and too busy doing everything everywhere else.

I have some leftover oatmeal doggy shampoo. My puppy is MIA. :'( You can have it if you want it.

I have found that dancing and roller skating is not only FUN, but a great way to lose weight without that scary gym!

I'm normally a winter person, but I am SO done with it this year, too. WHY is it still snowing in March? No, really. WHY?

Caroldean said...

We so need to go out to lunch sometime! I am right there with you, except I am the hippo with brownish hair.

Anna said...

You guys really should head down to Southern California. It's definitely not snowing in March here. And I just caught up on your blog from like the last...4 months, and I couldn't stop laughing when I read the post with Kate's dresser drawer in the fridge...HA! Love your cute family. We're going to BE you some day. I already decided. :)

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