Monday, April 5, 2010

Mommy's Time Out

One of the good things about being married to an academic is the occasional conference trip. Each year Dennis attends the ACA/PCA conference. Sometimes, if I can get away, I go with him, and this was one of those years. Not only could I get away, I needed to get away. So we hugged the kids and left them with Uncle Adam and Aunt Laura, and headed to St. Louis.

We visited the Gateway Arch.
That thing is just plain amazing.

This picture was taken up in the observation deck.
It's a little bit deceptive, because here,
I am calmly looking out the window,
down at the city below.
What I did not post was a picture of the previous
ten minutes,
in which I stood in the middle of the deck,
breathing deeply and trying not to panic,
and barely holding back the tears.
I'm proud to say that
I decided since I was all the way out in Missouri,
and I was all the way up in the top of the arch,
that I might as well get over it and have a look.
The heart palpitations weren't all that bad...

Brave girl!!
Good girl!!
You deserve a long nap.
(Thank you very much! Don't mind if I do!!)

And it was SO worth it!!
Look at that view.

Here we are!

Dennis had no problem with the height.
He LOVED it up there!!

Back on terra firma.
I took a LOT more photos.

It's just a really COOL place.

Especially in April when the weather is fine,
and it's not too hot,
and it's not that crowded.

Back at the conference,
Dennis had a little work to do.
He's awesome.

I didn't photograph the fantastic meals we ate, or the long naps I took, or the bright pink nail polish I used, but rest assured, I did all those things. And did them well.

I also didn't photograph the horribly turbulent flight we had from St. Louis to Denver, and the little green paper bag I held for most of the flight. There was no need to photograph the cancelled flight from Denver to Salt Lake, nor the sprint from gate A-68 to A-36 for a different flight on a bigger plane that would fly higher than the altitude where the high winds were causing all that turbulence. There was no need to take pictures of the huffing and puffing that went into catching that flight and getting home a few hours later than planned! I did, however, feel the need to photograph Utah Valley as we made our approach to Salt Lake.

Nestled in the tops of the mountains.

And Wade had a surprise for us when we returned...

What a beautiful giant golden carp
you've caught, Wade!
He's really big!!
No, you can't keep it.

And that's my time out. Man, I feel better.


Kazzy said...

I was in St. Louis last Summer when I talked three neighbors into a whirlwind, ladies-only, cross-country tour to church history sites.

But I must admit that I volunteered to stay on the ground and hold everyone's stuff. Going up high like that? Yeah, not really my thing.

Glad you guys had fun. We are taking off for Seattle this week. Need our own getaway reallllly badly. But we are bringing the 2 youngest with us!

Susan said...

Fun trip! I never made it into the top of the arch during our St. Louis trip though. Of course it was August and stifling hot. I just wanted to drink a tall glass of water.

Julie said...

Hooray for mommy time-outs! They are vital to our sanity. So glad you could travel with Dennis this time.

emily sparks said...

Sounds like a blast! I really like some of the Midwest cites:)

Nicole said...

hmm :] can i just say i am super jealous!!!! but very happy you got to go to the BEST place ever. i love it there its wonderful and green and amazing and my home town.. i am very very fond of it! what a perfect place to go for mommy's time out! ahhh i love it there more than anywhere else..utah comes pretty close though..sort of haha :]

t.t.turner said...

What a neat trip! I would freak out looking out on top of the arch!

Anonymous said...

Vilka härliga bilder =)

heath said...

I love St. Louis! My husband is from there, but unfortunately his family lives in Texas now so we don't have excuses to go there often. But I'm with you on the arch. I've done it several times, but it freaks me out every time!

Annie said...

Oh Marianne, you are too funny! I'm glad you got to get away and at such a beautiful time of year. Cute cute cute.

Lee and Melody said...

That is the coolest picture EVER! I wish I had a time out, but at least I'll live really close really soon! Then we can have mid-week timeouts at Krispy Kreme. :)