Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spring Has Sprung

What better time to post about Easter Sunday than the Sunday after Easter?

We awoke to a beautiful snowy spring morning, watched Conference, colored our Easter Eggs, and waited for the snow to melt so we could have an egg hunt. The snow didn't melt in the backyard (which was OK because we haven't cleaned up the dog doo for a while...), but it did melt in the front yard, so we hunted out there. BIG DUD. No good hiding places, and the boys vetoed ever hunting out front again. Enjoy the day in photos!

Snowy backyard

Hard at work...

Silly Isaac....
notice the Cub Scout stamp on his forehead?

Pretty Kate.
She takes the l-o-n-g-e-s-t time
deciding how to do her eggs!

He pretended to, but he really didn't.

Wade has Paul's same goofy sense of humor.

Dennis is like Kate.
Very deliberate with his egg coloring.


(Paul always used to make a POO egg.
This is in honor of Paul.)

So is this.

These are my eggs.
I love them.
And they made delicious deviled eggs.

Isaac took a little nap.

See how excited they are for our egg hunt?

Hunting in the cold!

See all the great hiding places I found!!

Kate was willing to at least
that she was having fun!

Isaac actually did have fun
filling his bag as fast as he could.

I love egg hunts!!

Happy Easter, everyone!


Julie said...

Ok, I LOVE Kate's flower!

Nicole said...

this sounds like such a fun easter! i didn't get to dye eggs this year. super sad. kates orange egg with her name on it is super cute!

Kazzy said...

Snowy Easters are kind of tough! great photos!