Sunday, April 4, 2010

Visitors from the North

We had some special visitors last weekend. Mel and Wyatt and Jana and Skeeter came for a few days to hang out and eat donuts. I did not photograph the donuts, but I photographed a lot of other things.

Here Dennis and I sat down on the stairs to rest and talk.
Jana decided to join us.

Wyatt also joined us.
And hammed it up for the camera.

Kate and Wyatt had a little tickling and wrestling.

Here he's just being silly.
So cute.

More silly.

Can you remember the feel of play pen netting on your face?
I can.

Oh tragedy.

It's haircut time.

And Jana's not too happy about it!

Wyatt was a little nervous, but he did better than last time!
He kept saying, "I don't need to be scared, Mommy."

And my sincerest apologies to Mel and the kids for giving the two worst haircuts I have ever given, and that's saying something!!

We LOVE it when they come to visit, and we miss them terribly when they leave. Come back, Mel!!


Kazzy said...

Cute kids! Family? I love hosting company.

Marianne said...

Yes cute kids, thanks!! My sister's.

Lee and Melody said...

Those haircuts were excellent. They both look very cute, and we LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE coming to visit!