Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Is There a Doctor in the House??

Apparently not at my house. Well, actually, there is a doctor, but he's a PhD, and so not really the kind of doctor I need.

Wait a minute!! I don't need a doctor! I've been a mom for almost twenty years. I can handle this...

Kate has been sick for over a week. She's got a fever, she's achy, she's got a really bad sore throat, and now she's coughing. A lot. I took her to the MD (not the PhD, he is no help at all in this kind of situation) TWICE last week. Still no improvement and taking Motrin and Tylenol pretty much around the clock.

So I offer her some cough medicine. I'm sure if she can sleep she'll get better soon. She agrees to take the medicine, and I get it out for her and measure out the dose. She obediently takes it and then she goes to bed.

The next morning she really has a hard time getting up. She says she's so tired. Poor little thing, she's just worn out from being sick for so long and not sleeping well. But she drags herself out of bed and manages to catch the bus on time (because the sweet bus driver stopped for her, since she hadn't quite made it to the bus stop yet).

Last night she was coughing again, and I suggested she take another dose of cough medicine. Since it was still sitting out on the counter, I told her to just go take it herself. She called down from the bathroom, "Is the dose two teaspoons?"

"Yup," I call up to her. "Two teaspoons."

At this moment, I have a horrible, terrible, no good, VERY bad realization.

I start up the stairs just as she comes out of the bathroom with a big grin on her face.

"You gave me/I gave you two TABLESPOONS!!!" we blurt simultaneously.

Oh, for the love of cake AND cookies, I could have killed my daughter. I apologize profusely. I apologize multiple times. I stare at the dosing cup and wonder how, HOW, I could have done that? It was more than DOUBLE what she should have taken. What kind of a mother...??

Oh, I can't even think about it.

No wonder she couldn't wake up...

(please don't tell the authorities)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Bravest Battle

The bravest battle that ever was fought;
Shall I tell you where and when?
On the maps of the world you will find it not;
It was fought by the mothers of men.

Nay, not with cannon or battle shot,
With sword or braver pen;
Nay, not with eloquent word or thought,
From mouths of wonderful men,

But deep in a woman’s walled-up heart –
Of woman that would not yield,
But patiently, silently bore her part –
Lo! There in that battlefield.

No marshaling troop, no bivouac song;
No banner to gleam and wave;
And oh! these battles they last so long —
From babyhood to the grave!

Yet, faithful still as a bridge of stars,
She fights in her walled-up town –
Fights on and on in the endless wars,
Then silent, unseen — goes down.
--Joaquin Miller

Happy Mother's Day, Mommy!!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Why It Takes Me Nine Hours to Clean the Bathroom

Today I had two goals. One: Clean the bathrooms. Two: Do the laundry. Those were my MUST ACHIEVE items. (Mildew on the ceiling makes the bathrooms move WAY up on the MUST ACHIEVE list). I hope to also clean up the kitchen, and maybe vacuum, and work in the yard a little, if I have time. I woke up at 6:45 am (on a Saturday--this peeves me) to take Kate to a service project. When I got home, I resisted the urge to go back to bed, because I knew if I did, I wouldn't get up until noon, which was an unacceptable option considering my two goals for the day. SO--

I put on my glasses and my slippers and started the camera downloading the videos from the recital last night. Then I remembered that I HAD to mail those wedding cards, and I needed to go to the bank to get some cash. So I wrote the cards, stamped them, and set them on the table. I'll stick the money in after I go to the bank, and then I'll drop them at the post office.

Then I remembered that I need to mail the missionary packages. One for Paul, and one for his companion so he won't feel bad if Paul gets a package and he doesn't. So I wrote a couple of cards and stamped the boxes with dinosaur stamps that I found on the desk, and put the boxes on the table with the wedding cards.

Dennis had the boys gather up the laundry and bring it downstairs so I could sort it, so that's a really good start on one of my goals!!

Then I got annoyed that the platters and punch bowl were still out from last night's reception after the recital, so I cleaned those up and got them put away.

Then I ate two brownies.

Then I felt sick so I ate breakfast.

Then I went to sort the laundry. The boys were all spread out playing video games, so I couldn't sit in my usual sorting chair (no, I don't have a special hat), so I sat at the desk chair. I noticed that the camera was finished downloading, so I looked at the pictures and videos. Then Dennis commented that when he was downloading the MP3 recordings, he thought he had mislabeled two of the pieces, so I ought to listen to them and tell him which was which.

So I listened to the recordings, and then I finished sorting the laundry. I finally started my first load, and gathered up all the folding that I didn't finish last week. I took it in to the living room to fold it while I listened to the CD Dennis made for me. I finish folding, but I can't leave the room to put away the laundry because I want to keep listening (and I'm listening critically, so I need to be close....), so I putter. I put away the music from the recital, and clean the junk off the coffee table, and put away all the old magazines. I remember that I still want to read that National Geographic story about Mount St. Helens.

When the CD is finished, the washer has also finished, so I go put that load in the dryer and start the next load. I put away the folded laundry from last week, and then I think maybe I'd better get dressed. I throw on yesterday's jeans and my green "Top Ten Reasons to Procrastinate" T-shirt. I wipe the mascara from under my eyes and brush my teeth. Hair goes in an Ugly Bun (that's the only kind I know how to's kinda haphazard).

Now is a good time to go to the Bank and the Post Office. Kate comes with me and we're not gone long. We get the wedding money, we mail the cards, and we mail the missionary boxes. We get home and the dryer buzzes.

Fold laundry.
Watch "Dan in Real Life" while I fold.

FINALLY, I get to the bathrooms. I shake the rugs and take them to the laundry room. "Dan in Real Life" made me fold really slow, so the next load is ready to be folded. I throw the bathroom rugs in the washer, and go fold this new load of clean clothes.

Watch more "Dan in Real Life" while I'm folding. I keep rewinding the movie to enjoy Steve Carell. This causes me to fold very slowly. In fact, I stop folding and sit down to watch the rest of the movie.

Dennis takes the kids Mother's Day shopping.

The neighbor calls to see why Dennis hasn't come to till his garden yet. I tell him that Dennis is out shopping with the kids because Wade ran over a rock with the lawn mower and they have to get a new blade, and I'll have Dennis come right over when he gets home. I didn't want my neighbor to feel bad that he was pestering Dennis while he was Mother's Day shopping with the kids, so I made up the part about the lawn mower blade. It's actually true about the rock, though. The neighbor said, "Well, I guess we won't go see my mother then. We'll wait here until Dennis comes." Yeah. It worked. I felt bad. Good job, neighbor!

The movie ends, I finish folding. I go get another load and quickly fold it, then I clean the little bathroom. This only takes about 20 minutes. Whew, I'm half way done with Task #1!!

Dennis brings the kids home and goes back out with Kate. The boys want help fixing their bikes. What are they thinking? Mom can't help you out. You'll have to wait until Dad comes back.

They go out to ride their bikes.

Soon Isaac comes in and tells me very matter-of-fact that Wade is having a little problem with his bike, and that he swerved while he was going off the jump (a board ramp propped up on the bathroom stool, on the sidewalk in front of the house), and that it's a good thing Wade was wearing his helmet. Now he has my full attention and I ask him on the way to the door if Wade is hurt. Isaac replies, "Yes. He's hurt."

I go out to find the neighborhood boys gathered around Wade, who is lying half on the grass, half on the sidewalk, about six feet from the jump. His bike is lying about six feet further down the yard. He is crying loudly and gasping a lot.

Bloody elbows, bloody knees, bruised and scraped shins and calves. Bruised chest where he slammed the handlebars, scraped hip where he slid on the sidewalk. Take off the helmet, sit him up, send the boys to get his bike, hugs, comfort, ascertain the extent of the damage, get him in the house to clean him up. He's shook up, but OK. Goes right back out to ride his bike.

I go right back to the laundry. Fold another load. Start another movie.

OK, now it's 4:00. I GOTTA get that dang bathroom done!! Go sweep the floor, get started on the actual cleaning. Dryer buzzes, fold another load, get back to the bathroom. Wade wants to go fishing, but he wants a ride to the park. I say no, Isaac cries because he doesn't want Wade to go without him, and I've told Isaac he's too little to ride his bike to the park. So unless I drive, he can't go. I'm not driving, he's not going, or speaking to me. Slammed door. Wade leaves, Isaac howls. I lock myself in the bathroom with the cleaning supplies and cry while I scrub the bathtub. I wonder if anyone besides me cares if the bathrooms are clean.

Fold another load. Finish the bathroom. AT LAST. Mission accomplished. Sit down to blog about a day in which I worked really hard and feel like I accomplished zilch. Nada. Nothin'.

Wade is telling me his chest hurts. Bruised ribs? Should I be worried?

Dryer just buzzed. Gonna go fold laundry. Two loads to go....and I suppose I should think about dinner...

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Getting Ready

Recital tomorrow.

Upset stomach today.

Nap required NOW.