Monday, June 28, 2010

If You Give a Missionary a Letter...

If you give a missionary a letter,

He'll ask you to send him his steel-toed work boots in the mail.

And you totally will,

because after all, he's your little boy.

And you really love him.

And if you send the work boots in the mail,

You might as well send some new socks,

And some mints and some candy,

And a few plastic cowboys.

Because you know he loves that kind of stuff.

And you want him to know that you love him,

And that you're really, really proud of him.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Next on the Agenda...

We made it through Girls Camp. It was CRAZY weather for a couple days, but the end of the week shaped up nicely. A few drama episodes, a few mean girls, a lot of great experiences and learning, many new friends. (SO glad it's over).

Coming up next, the Utah premier of a new concerto for flute and wind ensemble by composer D.J. Sparr. You're invited, if you're local!

Covey Center for the Performing Arts
Wednesday, June 30, 2010
7:30 p.m.
Flute Soloist: Marianne Cutchins


Click here for more information!!

(ALL well wishes and prayers will be gratefully accepted)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Girls' Camp

And now I'm going to try to get some sleep...

Thursday, June 3, 2010

So I'm Stupid. Sue Me.

I cannot post a picture of the thing I'm about to tell you. It's not something I'm willing to photograph. First of all, it's ugly. Second, it's a little too private for a non-private blog.

It's my sunburn. It's really bad. And I feel really stupid, because in my forty...(ahem, mumble...) years, I've had some bad ones. I'm a fair-skinned redhead (does the alarming accumulation of gray mean I'm not a redhead anymore?), and I know that I burn easily. In the past few years, I've realized that I burn even EASIER than I did when I was younger. So I'm always very careful, at least after the first sunburn of the season. But this year? This year it's worse. So much worse.

I have no excuse. I was busy driving the boat while Dennis fiddled with the non-functioning trim adjusting thingy, and I never got around to the sunscreen. Bless Kate, she did my back, and I have her fingerprints sunburned on my shoulders, so at least my back isn't burned. But my front, oh my goodness, my purple, itchy, painful front!

I was so uncomfortable last night that I was sure if I banged my head on the wall repeatedly, I would feel better. I had just enough sense left to refrain. Instead, I pulled my hair. It helped! You should try it next time you have a bad sunburn.

NO WAY. I just had a great idea. Maybe if I give myself a triple dose of cough syrup, I'll feel better! It worked for Kate, and I'm getting desperate...

Word to the Wise: Remember the sunscreen.