Saturday, July 31, 2010

My Little Buttercup, and Other Talents

You really didn't think we would have a Family Reunion without a Talent Show, did you? And you really didn't think I would post about the Family Reunion without posting about the Talent Show, did you? The Talent Show is one of the awesomest things about our reunion...and the talents we display are LEGIT. Seriously. Take a look...

See my Mom with a paper mustache?
(Later in the show she donned a pioneer bonnet,
and my dad was an Indian)

Kendall and Lainie's bunch singing.

Mark and Anja's crew acted out a cute story.
Owen was the HERO!!

Then at Grandpa's request,
they did a command performance of
The Bubble Gum Song.
These kids can dance.

Matt and Lara's gang sang classic
Mr. Roger's Neighborhood songs.

Dennis' talent was showing off the
he had published this year!!
(Yay, Dennis!!)

Kate and I did our usual
Flute Duet.
It gets better every year...
(next year, I'm thinking Kuhlau!!)

And then, we did
"My Little Buttercup," from
"The Three Amigos."
I have no qualms about looking like a blooming

For example...

Brynn and Kelly do an awesome hula dance.

Brian and Heidi's bunch sang some CUTE
Sandra Boynton songs.
And a funny song about Idaho.

It was an awesome talent show. It was an awesome reunion. We have a lot of fun together, and I can hardly wait for next year!!

Friday, July 30, 2010

A Day at Yellowstone

On the second day of our awesome Family Reunion, we went to Yellowstone. I love Yellowstone. I worked there for a whole summer in 1988. If you keep track of forest fires, you'll recall that 1988 was the summer Yellowstone had massive fires. I lived there during those fires, and that experience affected me profoundly. I'll tell you all about it sometime...

But this time, I showed my children all the wonders you can fit into one day. We started with throwing rocks into a hollow tree stump.

Unfortunately, I don't think any of these went in...

The bison were amazing, as usual!

Poor Wade!
(He was supposed to be pushing Grandpa...
I don't know what happened...)

My crew checking out
Old Faithful Inn
(this is where I worked)

Grammy and Kate help Isaac

I challenge you to get a good picture of Lee.
Go ahead, just try it.

Waiting for Old Faithful...

Everyone wanted to feel the runoff...

...and I mean EVERYONE!

Dennis and me at Sawmill Geyser.
That's a good one,
because it pretty much goes all the time.

Oh, Wade....

On our way back from Morning Glory Pool.

I have a hundred photos of this day (seriously), so I really had to restrain myself to not put at least fifty of them on here. Pictures of baby bison, pictures of all the kids, pictures of pools and geysers, pictures of our lunch... If you want more, I'm sure I could accomodate you!! Just know that we had a really fun day, and all the kids slept REALLY well that night!!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Family Fun

Clear back in May (I can barely remember it!), we went up to Island Park to a Family Reunion. We rented this HUGE house, and we all stayed there together. My Mom and Dad, Brian's family, my family, Matt's family, Mark's family, Kendall's family, and Melody's family--all together under one roof! That's thirty eight people, if you counted (which I did). Vaughn's family, and Adam and Laura, and Paul were sadly absent, so that would have added nine more, if they'd all been there. And let me tell you, it was three days of non-stop fun.

Cousins, cousins, and more cousins!

Didn't take long for the video games to come out...

Mel and Lee relax with Wyatt

We always look like this.

Uncle Brian gets Wyatt's tummy!

They're so cute!!

That, in case you were wondering,
is the famous Grandpa Smile.'s all about...
video games.

They think it's too cheesy,
but I think it's cute!!

Sheer joy!

He looks a little nervous to me....

I took this photo specifically for the feet!!

Doing the dishes.
Like I said, fun, fun, fun!!

It takes two to give a really good manicure!

We had so much fun just hanging out and playing! It is a rare treat for us all to get together anymore, and it's really been a few years since we've really ALL been there. Even next year, we won't ALL be there, even if everyone can come, because Paul will still be on his mission. So we cherish the time that we do get to spend together, and we play and we sing and we tease and we just enjoy being together. A good family is a blessing. And I know it because I have one.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Precious Metal

I had the great privilege of performing the Utah Premier of "Precious Metal," a new concerto for flute and wind ensemble by composer D.J. Sparr. Dave Fullmer, director of bands at Timpview High School, joined a consortium for the commissioning of this concerto, and invited me to be the soloist for this performance. He put together a very professional ensemble of friends and alumni of the Timpview band program, and I have to admit to being a little intimidated by the sheer star power of the group! But I think I behaved myself pretty well, and had a completely amazing experience being involved with this project. Once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for somebody like me, that's what!!

A few photos of my big night:

My brother and his family were in town
and were able to come.
I was SO glad they were there!!
Here they are in front of the Covey Center
with the HUGE banner.

Here we go!

I made a point of having a metallic-looking dress ...

In the thick of it!

And me...billed right next to the Beach Boys!!

(After the removal of about 476 bobby pins...)
WHEW. What a night!

Thanks Dave and D.J., for a wonderful evening!!