Saturday, July 31, 2010

My Little Buttercup, and Other Talents

You really didn't think we would have a Family Reunion without a Talent Show, did you? And you really didn't think I would post about the Family Reunion without posting about the Talent Show, did you? The Talent Show is one of the awesomest things about our reunion...and the talents we display are LEGIT. Seriously. Take a look...

See my Mom with a paper mustache?
(Later in the show she donned a pioneer bonnet,
and my dad was an Indian)

Kendall and Lainie's bunch singing.

Mark and Anja's crew acted out a cute story.
Owen was the HERO!!

Then at Grandpa's request,
they did a command performance of
The Bubble Gum Song.
These kids can dance.

Matt and Lara's gang sang classic
Mr. Roger's Neighborhood songs.

Dennis' talent was showing off the
he had published this year!!
(Yay, Dennis!!)

Kate and I did our usual
Flute Duet.
It gets better every year...
(next year, I'm thinking Kuhlau!!)

And then, we did
"My Little Buttercup," from
"The Three Amigos."
I have no qualms about looking like a blooming

For example...

Brynn and Kelly do an awesome hula dance.

Brian and Heidi's bunch sang some CUTE
Sandra Boynton songs.
And a funny song about Idaho.

It was an awesome talent show. It was an awesome reunion. We have a lot of fun together, and I can hardly wait for next year!!


Kazzy said...

If we did an official reunion for either side of the family, we would have a hard time getting so many people to participate. Nice job!

ps Acting like a bloomin' idiot in totally underrated!

Anna B said...

legitly legit.