Sunday, August 1, 2010

Memories of the Last Week...

The end of the school year has come and gone, and summer will be over in a few weeks. Before I know it, the kids will be back in school, and we'll all be wondering, "Where did the summer go?" Here's a look back at the last week of school...

Wade did an AMAZING project
about the State Fish.
He wrote a book, with facts and pictures,

Wade was {GUESS WHO}
for the 5th Grade's
Famous Americans
Wax Museum...

Did you guess right??

Here he is with Benjamin Franklin...

On the way to Wade and Isaac's LAST DAY OF SCHOOL
(aka The Dance Festival),
Kate's hair was so gorgeous,
I just HAD to take a picture!

The First Grade did a Mexican Hat Dance.
This required Isaac to hold hands with a girl.
He had the funniest grin on his face

I love his goofy grin.

Plus, he can totally dance.

The Fifth Grade danced to Kokomo.
Wade did a great job,
but insisted that he HATED IT!

He's grown about six inches this year.
Two of them since this picture was taken!!

Just see how handsome he is??

Here is Kate and her cute friends...
they had already had their last day of school,
so they came to The Dance Festival
(so they could dance the Boot Scootin' Boogie!!)

Isaac and his awesome teacher, Mrs. Chrystler

Wade and his awesome teacher, Mrs. Lemmon

Wade and his special friend, our crossguard, Bud.

Bud and Wade have a neat relationship. When Kate was in kindergarten, I used to walk her down to school in the afternoons. Wade was just a baby, and I pushed him along in the stroller. As the weather turned colder, Bud, who was the crossguard even then, would load Wade's stroller in the back of his truck and give us a ride home after we had dropped Kate off. I was always so grateful for his help! He watched as the years passed, and waited for Wade to be old enough to come to school. When Wade started kindergarten, Bud was there to help us cross the street. Now Wade is starting his last year of elementary school, and Bud has been there nearly every day. I think Wade really loves him.


Kazzy said...

I have never met Bud, but I am totally in live with him.

heath said...

I totally guessed Teddy Roosevelt. Nice work on the costume! And that Ben Franklin is pretty hilarious!

Anna B said...

i'm going to try not to comment on every single post. but, bud is the coolest name ever. we had a neighbor when i was little who looked like your bud named bud studley. for real. and he was the sweetest man--always let us cut through his yard and eat the plums off their plum tree.