Sunday, August 15, 2010

Open Letter

Dear Hacker,

I just wanted to tell you that you are pretty much a FIRST CLASS JERK.

Be nice, for pete's sake. Oh wait, maybe that's too hard for you. Sorry, didn't mean to make you feel bad or inconvenience you or scare your children.

I'd like to know what makes you think you can take other people's private information and attempt to use it for your personal gain. It's selfish, it's rude, and it's wrong. I feel confident that someday, what goes around will come around.

Let's just all get along. Honestly!

Sincerely and with ZERO love,



Susan said...

Not cool, hacker!

The Blackham3 said...

I was wondering why Dennis was sending me a pharmacy link.... Hope all is ok! Luvs.

Marianne said...

Sorry abou that, Jen, and everyone else who got one!! :-(

emily sparks said...

Oh, that is so not cool.

Kazzy said...

Yikes! WHat happened?