Thursday, August 5, 2010

Well, Now I Know

I did not serve a mission. I do not know what it's like to leave home for two years and go to a place that I've never been before and live with people that I don't know and preach the gospel full time. But my son knows, and he's helping me understand.

Well, now I know.

Sort of!


Kazzy said...

I don't know your missionary at all really, but between knowing you and Dennis and attending Paul's farewell, I can say with surety that that young man is and will be a fine missionary that will bring a lot of joy to peoples lives.

Lee and Melody said...

What a good boy he is. We love him! And you!

Anna B said...

these are great pictures--what a fantastic missionary. if i could go tell my missionary self anything, i would tell me to be less stressed, have more fun, and focus on loving people. it looks like elder c. has that figured out.