Saturday, September 4, 2010

Vocal Crush

I am in love. With the voice of Brian Stokes Mitchell. Dennis accused me of having a crush on him, and I do. On his voice. It's a vocal crush.

Kate loves his voice too. For her sixteenth birthday, we gave her tickets to his concert. So last night Dennis and I took her out on a big date. A fancy dinner and then the concert. Dennis was a little reluctant, because he didn't understand what he was about to experience. But Mr. Mitchell did not disappoint. I was in HEAVEN. And I'm not ashamed to admit that I wept. Bad music never makes me cry (unless I'm the one making it), but good music never fails to bring tears. And THIS WAS GOOD MUSIC.

If you don't know the voice of Brian Stokes Mitchell, you don't know what you're missing.

This is Mr. Mitchell signing my CD

While he was signing Kate's program,
I quick sneaked around the table
and Dennis snapped a picture.
Mr. Mitchell (who shook Kate's hand,
and introduced himself as Stokes),
was gracious enough to look up and smile.

Yes. That's MY name. On MY CD.
On MY Brian Stokes Mitchell CD.
That I bought last night at his amazing concert.


Julie said...

AWESOME! You are the second good friend I know who went to his concert and has a "vocal crush". I better see what I have been missing.

Kazzy said...

That sounds fun! We saw him with the MoTabs a cowpoke of years ago at the Chtistmas concert. He really was good.

Kazzy said...

Uh. Couple of years ago. Stupid predictive text on my iPhone.

Sharon said...

I loved seeing you there last night! It was such a great concert, wasn't it?!

Amber said...

Haha Marianne, you make me laugh. I have a different blog now btw. My old one was giving me crap. Here is my new one. I love and miss you!

Julie said...

Your blog makes me happy so I left a blog award on my blog for you. :)