Monday, November 15, 2010

Elevator Etiquette

For a happier workplace, please, please, please pay attention to the following when using the elevator:

1. Stand back from the door, both inside and outside the elevator. Nobody wants your mug in their face as soon as the doors open. (Yes, I know you're very handsome and an incredibly smart and eligible Mechanical Engineering student, but I'm taken. Sorry.)

2. People exiting the elevator have the right of way. If you are outside the elevator, stand back and wait for those inside to exit before you attempt to enter the elevator. If you are inside the elevator, you might want to wait a second before attempting to exit because someone is bound to plow you down if you don't.

3. Don't text as you walk in to or out of the elevator. It prevents you from looking to see if there is anyone else on the planet, or even in the elevator. If you are texting, it is probable that you will be the one doing the plowing, and this makes YOU the dork, not the person you plowed into.

If any of these common courtesies seem difficult to understand, or seem unfair to you, the stairs are directly behind you and around the corner. Please use them.

Thank you.


Julie said...

I think you should print this and POST it on every elevator on campus. So funny, but so sadly true!

Sharon said...

My favorite is when I'm about to use an elevator and I have an obvious reason to use it - not just because I'm lazy (which happens too...). I love getting dirty stares from people, as if they're saying, "What? You're coming on the elevator with all of that?", as if I wasn't allowed to use the elevator when I have a ton of heavy stuff to carry, yet they have only a purse or nothing at all. I guess it's just hard to step to the side sometimes to accommodate other people coming on the elevator.

Lee and Melody said...

And also: If you're a housekeeper and you want to gab endlessly with another housekeeper, please move the 6-foot laundry container out of the doorway to allow the elevator to move freely to other floors where other hospital employees might be wanting to transport, say, a patient.

Thanks again.

Snow said...

Is there any way we can get this published somewhere? I don't think anyone knows about this.

Natalie said...

I was sure this was going to be a post about farting LOL!!
Did I just use the "F" word?......