Friday, January 28, 2011

A Deep and Abiding Love

There are things I love about the months between October and February. It's not the greatest time of year weather-wise, but there are oh so many other wonderful things. Things that make the sunless winter months bearable, even fun, for me.

The first is obviously Halloween.
I LOVE Halloween.

I also love Thanksgiving.
Mostly I love pie.

And OH.
How I love Christmas.
I really, really love Christmas.

I also generally love winter.
I love fresh snow,
and don't even mind old, yucky snow!

But the best thing, the very, VERY BEST THING about these holiday-full months is this...this one thing, this important, special thing:

Chocolate covered marshmallow things.
Pumpkins, turkeys, santas, hearts, and even sometimes eggs!
Oh the joy!
The inexpressible pleasure
of a chocolate covered
marshmallow ANYTHING!

I LIVE for the moment, early in October, when the first chocolate covered pumpkins hit the shelves. I stash, and I hoarde, and I sneak, and I hide my chocolatey, marshmallowy heaven so nobody else will eat it. In my sock drawer, in my nightstand drawer, in my desk at work, at the back of the cupboard...I put them there so I always have one when I need it (which may surprise you to know is NOT all the time. Just sometimes). My heart beats faster when I remember that I have a treat to look forward to. And I make myself wait. An hour? Thirty minutes? Until the news is over? Until I've eaten my healthy lunch? It's my special treat, and I love it. I love it loveitloveitloveit.

It's my favorite thing about this time of year.

And I prefer Russell Stover, if you were wondering....


Meredith said...

I confess, I didn't see that one coming. I thought you were going to say something like, the Christmas phone call from you missionary. I guess I should know you better than that. ;)

Lee and Melody said...

Ah, I totally LOLed out loud. I vote we get together in the very near future and share chocolatey marshmallowy goodness.

Amber said...

HAHAHA that's soooo funny. First off, I don't really care for the snow, regardless of it's seasonal treats that it may inspire from bakers who are forced to stay indoors from lack of play space outside. Second, I'm glad somebody likes those! If I ever get any in treat bags, I know who to give them to! :) You are so cute Marianne!

Dean and Sheri said...

Oh, me too, sista...ME TOO!

Janice Pyper said...

Wherever could you have gotten such a tendency! By the way, the chocolate covered marshmellow eggs that come in the styrofoam egg cartons at Easter time are also wonderful -- especially when eaten a dozen at a time! 8-D

heath said...

I think I've got a few stashed in our cupboard at home, come to think of it. But I prefer the chocolate covered peanut butter concoctions. Eggs, trees, pumpkins--we just can't get enough.

Kim said...

You are too funny!! I also love those things...YUM! Thank you for enlightening me with the fact that they come in pumpkin form?! :)

Anna B said...

two words: mallow. cup. actually it's probably one--mallowcup. but they are amazing if you can find them. brookie introduced me to them. thick chocolate, amazing marshmallow, with a little bit of coconut. we found some at cracker barrel. anyhow--if you see them, get them.