Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Good, the Bad, and the UGLY


Isaac is SUCH A DOLL! He had Cub Scouts tonight, and got all dressed up in his uniform. Blue pants, his new belt, his scout shirt, his red vest, his neckerchief, his new neckerchief slide, and his new Cub Scout baseball cap. I've never had a child so excited for scouts. Third time's the charm? Maybe? He's just so cute all dressed up and sitting on the chair by the door, clutching his little scout book and waiting until it's time to walk out the door.


Today I hate Savory Moments. Stupid idea. Now I always feel guilty if I'm crabby. And today, I'M CRABBY. SUPER crabby. Actually, crabby probably isn't the right word. Depressed? Sad? Overwhelmed? Yes, thank you.


Just to give you an idea of how depressedsadoverwhelmed I'm feeling tonight, I laid my head down on the dinner table (while everyone else was kind enough to eat the EPIC FAIL meal I had prepared. Yay for me--I cooked. But I didn't eat it.) and willed myself to disappear. It didn't work, so I decided to retire from teaching. I think I'm losing my touch. And I thought I'd sell my flute. Or quit my job. Or both. Or something. Oh, wait, then how would I pay my bills? Crap.

Yeah. I'm going to see if I can sleep this one off. Before it gets any UGLIER.

p.s. I freaking miss Paul.


Lee and Melody said...

I sure love you. This sounds an awful lot like my day. We must be related or something. I made "dinner" and Wyatt looked at it, and then looked up and said, "Mom, this isn't dinner. This is lunch (glorious PB&Js, crackers, and grapes). Make dinner." I said something kind and patient like, "Do YOU wanna make it?!?"

Not so much my fall-back, but my primary mantra is, "I'll try again tomorrow."

There's a new post on hyperbole and a half today, that helped me some. :)

Dean and Sheri said...

JUST started following your blog. I LOVE IT. Keep your head up off the dinner table...we ALL have moments(or days...or weeks...and meals) like this. If it helps you feel any better...you make me smile. =)

Erica said...

You make me laugh so hard. Sleep can work miracles for all the things you mentioned. maybe you should fine a hot, spicy, NEW hobby. You SHOULD still teach the flute :) You SHOULD still play the flute!!! You need something to spice things up. That's all.

Anna B said...

I hate ugly days--so sorry you had one. And way to cook dinner! Brookie and I can't seem to force ourselves to go to the grocery store. Once again, I'm making that my goal for the day.

And that is totally adorable about Isaac. My dad got called to be scout master in our ward during Christmas break and he has one semi-active deacon. We went caroling to his house and my dad introduced himself and promised to come pick the kid up for scouts on Wednesday. The deacon's little for-year-old brother raised his hand and said, "what about me?" so adorable.

Kazzy said...

I had a super rough weekend and was ready to pull out on some stuff too. Some days I sit down and think, "When did my life turn into deadlines and working full-time?" I wish my income were extra (like it started out years ago) so that I could just make a little expectation adjustment and quit. I love my job, but I fantasize about staying home and doing laundry and cleaning and running to lunch with friends.

And I thought of you last night because we are doing the cross-country drive this Summer. Wouldn't it be cool if we could run into Paul somewhere across the great plains?

Natalie said...

Sending a big sigh and a frying pan to smack you in the head with.....did it work? Love you Marianne ~Nat