Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Savory Moment #3

Last night I was crying. I was missing my missionary, and feeling extra bad because I got news that someone had mistreated him--pretty badly, I thought. He didn't seem that upset by it, but it just hit me at the wrong moment, and I started worrying that no one is taking care of him. He's in a new area, he needs new shirts, it's bitter cold, his ride stood him up, so did his dinner appointment, boo hoo hoo.

I said to my husband, feeling on the edge of despair, "No one is helping him! They left him stranded, and he had to walk 10 miles in the dark and it's TEN FREAKING DEGREES!" My heart was ready to break.

Kate was sitting across the room reading, and she looked at me and said, very calmly, "Mom. He's never stranded. He's a missionary."

And the thing that happened next was kind of miraculous. My troubled heart was calmed. Immediately. And completely. That never happens to me! I have to talk myself into calming down, and work at it and take deep breaths and use half of a box of tissues. I tried to ignore it, and I used my sassy voice in my mind, but the peaceful feeling covered my fear and eased my heart. It was a tangible warm feeling, and I couldn't deny it. I knew that my daughter was right. My son is never stranded. He's a missionary. And the Lord watches out for his servants--and their Moms.


t.t.turner said...

It reminds me of when President and Sister Hinckley were leaving the Philippines back in the '60s. As they sailed away from a small island, leaving the missionaries behind, she turned to him and said, "How can you leave those young boys out here alone?" He responded, "They're not alone. The Lord is with them."

Rachel said...

That's a wonderful story!

The McKinleys said...

thanks for your comment :) yeah...my husband is pretty hilarious haha i kinda like him!

i DO still need help on my assignment; i would love your help. could you send me an email at jessie.lynn.george@gmail.com and i'll send you the questions??

thank you so much!

Vauna said...

Loved your thoughts! We had a similar frustration with a ward mission leader who took a dislike to Sean. You just made me feel better.

Kazzy said...

My current missionary is one that is naive and trusting and innocent. I worry about him ten times more than I ever worried about son #1. I have to intentionally not think about all of the ways he might be mistreated. I feel your pain and tears.