Friday, March 4, 2011

Some Enchanted Evening...

You may see a dog, peeking through a hole in the fence...

Oh wait. That is not what I wanted to post about!
I wanted to post about an enchanted evening
when my beautiful daughter got all dressed up
and looked like a princess,
and went to the Sweetheart's Ball.

Isn't she lovely???

I think she looked absolutely stunning.
In fact, her cute date *gasped* when he saw her!
(He's a smart one!!)

Amazing hair.
And yes, that is ALL HERS.

And aren't they darling?!
I call him Mickey, even though that's not his name,
because I think he looks like Mickey Rooney.

OK, this is the NEXT DAY,
after she slept on it,
and wore it to church all day!
Serious hairspray.

I think this is as amazing as the updo itself!
(And rather crunchy....)

All brushed out and WAY too poofy for her taste,
but since I'm a child of the '80s,

Now, we went dress shopping together, and we picked out the perfect cute shoes, and I took her to get her hair done. And we had so much fun together. I did her nails and her makeup, and I fussed over her. I calmly answered the door when Mickey came to pick her up, and I smiled when he *gasped* at her radiant beauty. They humored me while I took some pictures, and then he helped her put on her pretty sweater, and we discussed curfew. Then he opened the door and took my girl out into the night. I smiled and waved, but when he offered her his arm, so sweet and gallant, I burst into tears. Quickly, I shut the door so they wouldn't see me, but Kate told me after she came home, that when he did that, she whispered, "I bet you just made my Mom cry!"

Does she know me, or what?

And I just wonder, how many more chances will I have to fuss over her like this?

Not enough. Not nearly enough.


t.t.turner said...

I want her hair.

Julie said...

I know her date! He is a fellow percussionist with Travis.

Kate is absolutely beautiful. Look at her all grown up! (I love her dress too.)

Rachel said...

That is adorable. Seriously.

Sharon said...

Kate looks stunning! What a fun day for all of you!

Anna B said...

she is so gorgeous!! and i LOVE that dress. and in the next life I'm going to ask God if I can have hair just like hers.

also, her date *does* look like mickey rooney!

Lee and Melody said...

Ohhh, that is SO sweet! What a good boy, and what a darling Kate, and what a wonderful you! I love love love how her hair turned out too. I'm so glad you fussed and took pictures, because it will mean so much to her later, and I love to hear and see it. Oh, I love you. Can't wait to see you.

Kazzy said...

She is gorgeous! Her hair is like a dream too.

And I cry over stuff like that too. :)

Susan said...

Love the hair!

heath said...

I always wanted a pink dress, but never really pursued getting one (I think I was afraid I couldn't pull it off)--feeling just a teency bit jealous now. Glad that he was so taken in with her. She looked beautiful (and that hair the next day--to die for!).

Natalie said...

LOVE her hair!!! Oh I heard about a second chance prom taking place downtown in May, wouldn't that be fun?

Annie said...

I. Am. Drooling. Over that hair. My goooodness! She looks so grown up! And you crack me up, Miss Marianne!