Friday, April 29, 2011

It Was SO Worth It!

I bought my popcorn and caffeine and Chex Mix and cookies last night, and set my alarm for 1:45 AM. The rain coming through my open window at 1:00 AM woke me up, and then I was too excited to go back to sleep.

The last time I got up in the middle of the night to watch a Royal Wedding, I was 13 years old. I loved it then, and I loved it now! Back then, my parents let me bring the little black and white TV into my bedroom, and my cousin "slept" over. We stayed up all night, waiting for the wedding. I remember when Diana mispronounced Charles' name. I remember how nervous she looked. It all seemed so magical.

This time, I went to bed really early so I would be able to get up and still make it through the rest of the day. I made my Kate go to bed early too, so she could get up with me. We cheered when Princes William and Harry left Clarence House. I teared up when I saw the Queen. I sighed when Kate (now the Duchess of Cambridge) climbed into the car with her sweet Dad. Oh, the Pomp! Oh, the Ceremony! I almost missed The Kiss, because I was filling lunch boxes at that point. Good thing they gave me a Second Chance!!

And all those amazing British hats. Wow.

Now I feel ill from all the caffeine I ingested--could also be the lack of sleep. Who knows? WHO CARES? It was SO worth it!

photos courtesy of People Magazine


Julie said...

I missed it, but was hoping friends like you would fill me in and post pictures. Thanks! Yes, those hats. Wow!!

t.t.turner said...

Hooray, SOMEONE ELSE stayed up! I was on the phone with my mom, sister, and sister-and-mother-in-law, and I couldn't believe how many people didn't watch it! Phenomenal.

Kazzy said...

I watched too. What a show! I loved it!

The Blackham3 said...

Loved it..Loved all the hats! I SO wanted to be there.